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Mozila showcase mobile OS - Boot 2 Gecko

Mozilla finally shows it operating system for mobile Boot 2 Gecko recently at Mobile World Congress 2012. The Boot 2 Gecko has its interface built with HTML5 and CSS web standards, making it extremely customizable. The Boot 2 Gecko OS is built upon a Linux kernel, and Mozilla has developed various APIs for functions such as the phone dialer, camera, and 3D graphics.
Boot to Gecko therefore has the ability to function like a mobile device. Make calls, sms, capture photos, USB and wireless devices can be connected are main technical features users can expect from this OS.
Mozillawiki says B2G is not based on Android but uses some of the same low-level building blocks used in Android (Linux kernel,libusb, etc) in order to reduce the burden on ODMs/OEMs to bring up B2G on new hardware.
However, B2G is not based on Android, and will not be compatible with the Android stack (in particular B2G will not run Android