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Top 5 Android Games You Should Try in 2013

With a plethora of games hitting the android market through the Google Play Store, it is sometimes difficult to assess which ones are worth the download and consumption of data. The year 2013 has brought many advances in mobile gaming, and this article will list at least five android games that consumers should try out on their android device.
The first game that should not be overlooked is Angry BirdsStar Wars. A spinoff of the original hit Angry Birds game, this newer version incorporates Star Wars themed levels and characters, as well as weapons such as lightsabers. Angry Birds Star Wars features over one hundred levels of gameplay as well as bonus levels with the legendary characters R2-D2 and C-3PO that must be unlocked in order to be accessed.
The second game that seems to have captivated gaming audiences is Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Produced by EA games, there is a $4.99 per month fee in order to download the game to an android device. It should also be noted that this part…

Google Chrome for Android updated with improved search and fullscreen browsing

Google Chrome for Android is now updated now with 2 new features making it easier to search and view result fullscreen on the go..
The new update from Google Chrome allows users to browse and view webpages in fullscreen on their device. To make the browsing even simpler and easier –the toolbar instantly disappears while you scroll down a page and when you scroll up the toolbar returns back to make your new search. The improved search function allows you to see your queries in the omnibox instead f the long search URL, so you can easily refine them and view more results.

Google Drive for Android gets new updates, adds new scan function

Google Drive for android gets major updates, now users can scan receipts, letters and documents using their smartphone on the go…easy and simple check it out!!
Now users can scan their documents with a click and simply turn any documents into a PDF and save it on your device for future use simply by going to the Add Menu and scan any photos, documents, flyers by snapping. With the new Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR), search for the documents you have saved since Drive will recognize text in scanned documents. Pretty cool isn’t it
The New update for Drive comes with improved interface- neat and clean, Drive files are now displayed like cards-style. The new interface is more precise and users can swipe between files to see large preview of the files making it easier to find the desired files.
Other update includes downloading any file from Drive to your Android device a backup of the files is always good and Drive has taken care of this. The editing experience in Google…

Archos Chefpad Tablet, a tablet for your culinary creations

Archos tablet would be the 1st tablet of its kind that one could take to your kitchen, a perfect cooking assistant? Well lets talk a little about the new Archos Chefpad is a 10inch tablet that is powered by a 1.6 GHz Dual Core processor with a Quad Core graphics processor. The tablet sports a 10inch screen with a 1024x768 screen resolution with a small capacitive 4:3 ration screen, perfectly sized for apps and videos.
As I already said Chefpad tablet is something that you could take to your kitchen, thanks to the silicone case that keeps it safe from water or food spalces plus you could also wash it!! The Chefpad features the Chefs App Zone, preloaded with best cooking apps you could select the best recipes. The Archos Chefpad features a front and back camera with 1080 p video playback that lets you to share your latest dish that you have prepared. The Archs chefad is loaded with the Archos Media Centre application perfect for Video and Music app including metadata scraping and auto-…

Key Lime Pie - The Release Date is Approaching

The Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update is not yet available to all handsets, but that is not Google’s problem – it is the responsibility of the separate manufacturers. So there is nothing that is currently stopping the company from devoting its full attention to the next Android version – Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.
Now, as rumours of the system have been circling the web for a while now, everyone placed the announce date at this year’s IO conference which is just about to start. An announcement date, of course, is far from a release, but it is still a step towards it and tech geeks were expecting a new Nexus phone running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie to hit the shelves in just a few months. Some new information, however, suggests that Google might actually delay the release a bit more. Why? For the exact reason that was cited in the first sentence – hardware manufacturers haven’t even released the previous update for everyone yet. Postponing the next dessert with a few months might be all the t…

photo little for samsung galaxy young

Are you looking for an alternative for your camera, Little Photo is one of the best camera app for samsung galaxy y young with a 2mp camera, a good alternative.
Photo little comes with an amazing set of filters and features  to provide best image quality for samsung galaxy y

The app can be downloaded from play store and is completely free

--> Little photo android app can also be used as an photo editing tool,by providing the option of editing and adding filters to pre clicked photos.

additional features include
-sharing an image
-auto save option( make sure that you switch the auto save option before clicking any photos)
-Manual resolution
-image quality

What is the best security app for Android?

GadgetTrak Mobile Security

When your device goes missing, immediately log into your account using any web browser and enable tracking. GadgetTrak Mobile Security will spring to life and generate location reports, including map points, longitude & latitude and IP address to help you pinpoint your lost device
-Location Tracking
-Device Alarm
-Secure Encrypted Backup 
-SIM Change Detection

Seal App Locker

With Seal you can protect any application with a password or a pattern easily, so nobody but you can open them User can set an arbitrary complex password, numeric password or a simple to remind Android style pattern

-With built-in auto protection  -Integrated plugin for Locale, Tasker and more -It's easy and comfortable to use -Group your protected apps into situations (profiles)
-Auto Protection feature
-Security question/answer

AVG Antivirus

Scan apps, settings, files, and media in real time -Enable finding/locating your lost or stolen phone via Google Maps™ -Lock/wipe your device to protect y…

Root Any Android Device Using Unlock Root

Why rooting? Rooting is a process of acquiring complete access to your android devices root. rooting an android device means obtaining permissions so as able to get into your droid's and to communicate with its hardware. Rooting is done by installing custom RoMs, installed customized themes, better battery management, tweak the device kernel and superuser apps that can overlock or underlock your device speed. Before rooting any android device it is recommended to backup device using titanium backup app.

Unlock Root is a tool that can successfully root and unlock not just one or a handful of Android devices from the same manufacturer but many from different manufacturers. Currently, Unlock Root can root about 250 different handsets from major handset manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Asus, Acer, Huawei, Dell, and Samsung, as well as from other less-known manufacturers.

Unlock Root is able to root and unlock any android devices, currently it suports Android 2.1, 2.…

how to retrieve deleted Whatapp messages on the iPhone??

Did you accidently deleted or lost all your Whatsapp messenger chats?Here is a simple technique to recover your lost messages. Whatsapp automatically makes daily backups of your data and stores them on your phone. It is possible to recover lost messages on Whatsapp by simply uninstalling and re-installing the application on Android devices.

If you are an  iPhone user follow this link to retrieve deleted Whatsapp messages here 

7 Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Android

In today’s world, phones are so much more than just a device to call people. They are powerful mini-computers.Here are 7 tips to help you get the most from your Android. Backup your Data:In the past, when you lost your phone you were forced to replace your contact info manually.However, today’s phones make this easy but regular data backup in necessary inorder to make it possible. Androids make it even easier. Simply sync it withyour Google account. This will make sure that all of your data is backed up andready to download onto a new phone – assuming the worst happens. Save Battery Life:There are apps that can be downloaded onto a Android that will automatically adjust battery sucking setting when the phone is in standby mode. One example is JuiceDefender. On average, this app will increase battery life by 5 hours.
Monitor New Apps:Anytime you install a new app, be sure you pay close attention to its behavior. If theystart taking up a lot of CPU, you should kill them.
Utilize the Auto-Br…

Evernote hello for android

Evernote Hello is an app that lets you to remember and contextualise new people you have met. The app lets one to save and sync contact information, and add context to the particular person you have met,thereby helping you to remember them.
How Evernote Hello works:Evernote Hello you can create a quick profile and snap their photo. Instantaneously add information from your address book. You can also pass your phone to the person to enter their info.

Features: See the faces of everyone you have met in a beautiful mosaic layoutView a history of all the encounters you’ve had with individuals Remember all aspects of your meetings: location, notes, photos, and faces Tie Evernote Hello to LinkedIn to create fast, rich profiles See notes related to your encounters that are in your Evernote account
Once you have added a person to Evernote Hello, the app create an encounters which will be the context which will be the encounter with the particular person-meeting. Encounters include map and stree…

Mozila showcase mobile OS - Boot 2 Gecko

Mozilla finally shows it operating system for mobile Boot 2 Gecko recently at Mobile World Congress 2012. The Boot 2 Gecko has its interface built with HTML5 and CSS web standards, making it extremely customizable. The Boot 2 Gecko OS is built upon a Linux kernel, and Mozilla has developed various APIs for functions such as the phone dialer, camera, and 3D graphics.
Boot to Gecko therefore has the ability to function like a mobile device. Make calls, sms, capture photos, USB and wireless devices can be connected are main technical features users can expect from this OS.
Mozillawiki says B2G is not based on Android but uses some of the same low-level building blocks used in Android (Linux kernel,libusb, etc) in order to reduce the burden on ODMs/OEMs to bring up B2G on new hardware.
However, B2G is not based on Android, and will not be compatible with the Android stack (in particular B2G will not run Android

Android games and apps for free

Download premium games and apps for free everyday

Android users can download a collection of premium apps and games for free from GetJar. GetJar Gold provides premium Android apps and games for free, same would cost around $10 from other stores.

There are over 70 apps from different categories like games, entertainment and productivity.

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List of top 10 apps from GetJar Gold

  (1) Orbital
  (2) Firework Plus
  (3) TweetCaster for twitter
  (4) Football Meister
  (5) Smaart Friend-Finder
  (6) Facebook for Android
  (7) Mobo Task Killer
  (8) Launcher

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