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How to secure your Blackberry 10 smartphone

Here I’m posting a few tips and necessary method to secure your Blackberry 10 smartphones from theft and misuse by others.
Create a message to be displayed on the Home screen You can create custom message that has name and contact details, so you can set a message to appear on your home screen whenever your phone is locked. To set a custom message: >while viewing the HOME screen, swipe down from the top > Go to Settings followed by Blackberry Protect > set blackberryprotect to On > TapBack to save your settings
Secure your Blackberry 10 by Media Card Encryption By performing media card encryption, you can secure your contents stored in your media card, this technique provides additional security. But one should be careful, that you will not be able to view the content unless Media card is decrypted to use on any other smartphone. While viewing the HOME screen, swipe down from the top>Tap settings followed by choosing Encryption> Set Media Card encryption to on