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Snapchat 5.0 for iOS gets new update

Snapchat is one of the most popular media sharing app for iPhone, and it ets a new update. The new update fresh improvements in interface and you could swipe between images in full screen , navigate easily between profiles and double tap to reply. the new update enhances speed and sends snaps to friends from your address book.

The new updated version Snapchat 5.0.0 can be downloaded from here


Gmail app for iOS updated, brings in improved notification and inbox features

The official Gmail app for iPhone and iPad gets a new update with improved notification features and auto-categorized notification option.
The updated version 2.3.14159, has already rolled out and users can now enjoy a much improved notification option, the update lets users to customize the settings in the app to get notification for all messages, or only important messages and filter out unwanted message.
The update also comes with an improved inbox, the new update is readily seen-now your mail is grouped into categories making for quick read and prioritizes which one to read when.
Primary mail is shown first and it's easy to access and keep track of email in other categories by opening the menu.
You can configure this feature by going to on your computer.
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Wordpress for iOS gets new update

Wordpress for iOS has been updated with few new features that include a new interface for quick editing and easy posting and comes with faster way to post by adding a shortcut on the sidebar and fixed a problem with tumblr imported blogs.
Download Wordpress for iOS from here