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Know about Saygus V2, new powerful smartphone 2015


Exclusive images of Nokia Lumia 1080 Concept Phone


HTC Desire 200 is launched with 3.5" display

The Taiwan mobile manufacturing giant The HTC has launched their new flagship Smartphone. The newly designed and featured phone is named with HTC Desire 200. The company claimed that it is the most cheap and speedy Smartphone for the end users who wants them to be a Smartphone user. As the technology and the accessories were costlier in the earlier days, it was not possible for the manufacturers to provide best featured Smartphones to the customers. But now these are getting enhanced and advanced as the companies are in competition to offer the best featured and designed Smartphones to the market. The Smartphones with the latest features like picture messaging, emailing, high-end imaging coupled with so many attributes attracts the customers but along with this the price is also a factor that matters them. For some buyers the price is not at all a factor for getting a smartphone will a lot many advanced features. But companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony and the other market controllers …

Lenovo K900 smartphone with 2GHz processor

Lenovo has made its biggestcomeback in the Indian Android phones market with the launch of six new devices. One of them is the high-end flagship Lenovo K900, running on a Clover Trail+ 2Ghz Intel Processor. Company had no strongpresence in Indian smartphone market but nowLenovo K900 flagship device is catching a lot of attention among buyers because of its non ordinary design and stylish look. Lenovo K900 is prettyslim, really powerful and comes with a massive display, making it a perfect rival for other flagships in the market including Sony Xperia Z. Check out the whole post to find out more about this hotly talked Lenovo Android flagship.
Display – One of the biggest upside of the Lenovo K900 is the stylish metal finish body. It comes with an aluminum back panel with exposed screws, making it look really stylish compare to some other phones in the same price range. Other details on the phone including power and volume buttons are beautifully crafted with some kind of metallic elemen…

Block all incoming and outgoing wireless communication with OFF POCKET

The OFF Pocket is a phone case that blocks all wireless signals from entering and exiting the case, designed by by Adam Harvey & Johanna Bloomfield- the remarkable product lets your phone off by placing it in the case.  By placing the phone in the case, the phone remains untraceable, unreachable and off.
“The OFF Pocket™ uses the principle of a faraday cage to block all radio signals from entering and exiting the case. Your phone contains an antennae that communicates with cell towers and GPS systems. Both of these signals, radio waves in the 2.4GHz spectrum, are blocked by the metallized fabric in the case.”
The OFF Pocket has been extensively tested on all major networks, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. It is compatible with all mobile phone hardware including but not limited to iPhones, Android, Blackberrys, Nokia as well as all modern phone operating systems
via Off pocket

Samsung Galaxy Win Specifications

In April it was announced that, as rumored, Samsung will release its newest addition to its line-up the Galaxy Win. As cell phone technology becomes more sophisticated, this phone is aimed solidly at the average user. Let’s face it; the ordinary person on the street really may not have a need for all the features and latest gimmicks that are included on many of the top-end cell phones on the market today. This newest Samsung will provide users with many great features found in more expensive phones, but in a user-friendly format.

The Samsung Win is powered by an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean platform. It also has a few features previously found in higher end phones such as Smart Alert, Easy Mode and Samsung’s Motion UX gesture control system. More familiar features include Wi-Fi capabilities, Bluetooth 3.0, and DLNA. It is powered by a 2000mAh battery with 3G HSUPA connectivity.

The Galaxy Win has 480 x 800 pixel resolution on its 4.7-inch LCD screen so every app and game can be v…

How to secure your Blackberry 10 smartphone

Here I’m posting a few tips and necessary method to secure your Blackberry 10 smartphones from theft and misuse by others.
Create a message to be displayed on the Home screen You can create custom message that has name and contact details, so you can set a message to appear on your home screen whenever your phone is locked. To set a custom message: >while viewing the HOME screen, swipe down from the top > Go to Settings followed by Blackberry Protect > set blackberryprotect to On > TapBack to save your settings
Secure your Blackberry 10 by Media Card Encryption By performing media card encryption, you can secure your contents stored in your media card, this technique provides additional security. But one should be careful, that you will not be able to view the content unless Media card is decrypted to use on any other smartphone. While viewing the HOME screen, swipe down from the top>Tap settings followed by choosing Encryption> Set Media Card encryption to on

LG Optimus L7 2 appears on LG website with Android 4.3

Its bizarre news as LG has listed one of their smartphone the LG OptimusL72 running on Android 4.3 much before Google has officially released the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS.

A screenshot from the LG website, shows the smartphone running on Android 4.3
There has been a widespread rumor on Google releasing Android 4.3, what suggest is Google is inching closer for the official announcement, but what you see is not what you hear.

Leaked images of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

What appears to be a bulky phone from Samsung Galaxy family, the Galaxy S4 Zoom has been leaked and is lurking the internet. A first picture of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has leaked before the Company’s official announcement of several handsets much before the already decided date, June 20th.
The leaked images appears that the Galaxy S4 Zoom to a clone between Samsung Galaxy Mini and the Galaxy Camera
The specifications of the Zoom are as follows, more will be followed after its official showcase on June 20th
According to SamMObile, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is carries a 4.3 inch qHD screen AMOLED display and 1.6 GHz dual-core processor. The phone being bulky from appearance is due to its 16.0 megapixel camera at its rear protruding a lot from the case and probably won’t fit on your pockets, additionally the camera also has 10x optical zoom, 8GB of internal memory which is expandable up to 64 GB and runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS with TouchWiz UX interface. Apart from these the new smartphone…

Nokia Lumia 925 listed in UK mobile operator Three, pre-order kicks in

Nokia Lumia 925 is available for pre-order in the online store of Three mobile in UK. The store has showcased the availability of Nokia Lumia for re-order in UK with different plans, starting at £35 a month and the plans include ultimate Internet 500 with that carries 24 month of contract providing amazing offer of 5000 minutes and 500 texts.
Other plans include The One Plan that offers 2000 minutes and 500 texts and 5000 three-to three minutes at £37 and the pay as you g plan gives 100 or 300 minutes and 3000 text for £449 with 10 or £15 add on.
The estimated date of delivery is 21st June. The store also offers a free wireless charging sand and cover worth £95 for pre-orders exclusive on Three.
Buy Nokia Lumia 925 from Three
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Lenovo’s intel powered K900 smartphones leads the way

Lenovo has announced the much anticipated first smartphone that will be powered by Intel atom Z2580 processor, the Lenovo K900.
The K900 by Lenovo is a premium ultra slim smartphone with 6.9mm thick and sporting a 5.5” IPS display. The smartphone runs on Android 4.2 Jelly bean OS with 13 MP camera and 1080p screen. The smartphone is available in select countries such as India, Indonesia, Russia, Philipines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries that should be announced soon.

[image source: Lenovo]

Nokia Lumia 925 Spotted In Man Of Steel Movie

Nokia Lumia 925 has been spotted in Man of Steel Movie, thanks to the video which has been viral n Youtube, i manged to snap a screenshot from the video showing the brief appearance of the Nokia Lumia 925, which seems to be a little bigger on hand than i expected.Also it is weird to see the NOKIA brand name written in bold than regular format...this would just be a publicity trick from the brand

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Pre-order your Nokia Lumia 925 with O2

Pre-order for Nokia Lumia 925 has rolled out and as seen on the o2 store. The phone is highly anticipated to be launched by 13thJune.
According to O2 users could pre-order their fresh smartphone on or before 4pm 12th June and you could receive the phone on the launch date.the Nokia Lumia 925 is roughly priced at £549.99 and you could get the phone at £37.00 per month (24 months)
O2 is also offering free case with wireless charging plate worth £24.99 with an option of choosing from 3 colors. Only white color is available for Nokia Lumia 925 if you make a purchase from O2.
The Nokia Lumia 720 does not come with a charger when you purchase from O2 as it is working to try and reduce waste. And as 70% of people already have a USB charger at home, we've decided to not include one with your phone. If you do need a charger, add one at a discounted price – you can do this after choosing your tariff. O2 does not make money from selling the charger separately. Purchase Nokia Lumia 925 from

Nokia Music with Mix Radio comes to Nokia Asha Series in Russia

Nokia has made the availability of Mix Radio to Asha Touch smartphones series starting in Russia. Users can now enjoy music in their handsets, the service is made available for 305, 306, 308 309, 310 and 311.
Nokia Music with Mix radio provides free personalized music from different genres or categories and each Mix being curated by Nokia’s musicologist. The Mix radio also makes users to download music to their device and listen to it offline, a great feature when you are travelling with getting connected to data package or wifi-connection.
The service also provides users an exciting feature of creating their own mixes with just a type of your favourite artist and you’ll be presented with a Mix based on that artist.
Up-to four Mixes can be stored on your phone at any one time, each containing hours of music the service also allows eople to create music playlist right from their phone, without the need to access a computer.
According to Nokia “We’ve had really positive feedback from use…

Cool infographic explaining why Nokia Lumia 928 is the best low light smartphone camera

It was by surprise the infographic of Nokia Lumia 928 popped up on my Twitter feed ....Well the link took me to the WindowsPhone website and was again surprised to see the Nokia people taking on iphone 5  and Samsung galaxy s4 head on with its so called low-light photography

Now according to Nokia this is what they have got to say about Nokia Lumia 928-low light camera
Capture the night like never before with the Nokia Lumia 928. It’s the only smartphone with Optical Image Stabilization and Xenon flash, which allow you to capture the best low-light photos whenever they happen.

[source:Windows Phone]