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Leaked images of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

What appears to be a bulky phone from Samsung Galaxy family, the Galaxy S4 Zoom has been leaked and is lurking the internet. A first picture of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has leaked before the Company’s official announcement of several handsets much before the already decided date, June 20th.
The leaked images appears that the Galaxy S4 Zoom to a clone between Samsung Galaxy Mini and the Galaxy Camera
The specifications of the Zoom are as follows, more will be followed after its official showcase on June 20th
According to SamMObile, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is carries a 4.3 inch qHD screen AMOLED display and 1.6 GHz dual-core processor. The phone being bulky from appearance is due to its 16.0 megapixel camera at its rear protruding a lot from the case and probably won’t fit on your pockets, additionally the camera also has 10x optical zoom, 8GB of internal memory which is expandable up to 64 GB and runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS with TouchWiz UX interface. Apart from these the new smartphone…

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones: What's Hot and What Not?

Samsung has released the freshest and the most powerful smartphone to date which is the Samsung Galaxy S4. With the new features that Samsung has showcased the followers for the new phone, buyers and users will really get confused of what they are going to have. Should they pick the Galaxy Note 2 which was released last year or settle with the newer model which they haven’t even get to navigate with.

So, as the person who got 4 Galaxy Note II and 3 Galaxy S4, I am confident that I am the best person to give the differences between the two phones.
Typing Experience Typing on the Galaxy Note II is easier and probably because it gives you less arthritis: for those of you who get older like myself, it is like the difference between sitting on the bar chair and the lounge chair all day long. When I type on my Note II for hours, my hands don’t get tired. But anything smaller like, the S4, my hands start cramping up and I just can’t type anymore.
Endurance The battery life of the Galaxy Not…


Samsung has announced and unveiled a flex phone prototype; however they have ran into some issues with the flex screen display. But there is another company taking advantage of Samsung’s delay. That company is LG; LG has announced they will be releasing a flex smart phone as early as the end of this year. However the screen will be flexible but the rest of the phone will be rigid, for right now completely flexible phones are still science fiction because of the hard case and all the wiring it would be difficult to make a phone completely flexible. Even though LG promises a flexible smartphone by the end of the year it won’t fully effect the mobile phone market until about 2015.That is because the technology has not come to the point where the whole phone can be flexible. So a flex phone with no flexible parts won’t make much of a difference on the industry. What we can probably expect is a phone with a wraparound display, what this means is the display will be wrapped around the phone …

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched earlier this month to compete the smartphone market with exciting features.Lets compare HTC One with Samsung Galaxy S4 and see which one wins the race?
Performance of Galaxy S4 when compared to HTC One stands out the best with its two models, Galaxy S4 powered by Exynos 5 Octa, an 8-core processor and another variant of Samsung Galaxy s4 powered by Qualcomm's S600 chip. The 1.9ghz Samsung Galaxy S4 is quicker than HTC One's 1.7ghz quad core processor.The Galaxy S4 is powered by Android 4.2.2 aka Jelly Bean. The OS has been heavily modified by Samsung with Touchwiz user interface
Storage In India, the Galaxy S4 will be available with only 16GB storage, of which only 8.82GB is available to user. This is too low but users do have an option to expand the memory with 64GB microSD card.
CameraGalaxy S4 camera features include 13 mega pixels rear camera and 2 mega pixel front camera.First of all reviewers say the only place that the HTC One beats S4 camera …