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Smart way to modify blogger template to attract more visitors

If you have chosen a customized blogger template and has made necessary xml changes and still your template is looking dull, here is a great way to customize the template. Colors and font sizes can only be modified by editing CSS codes and if your knowledge on CSS is limited you may use the below step to customize the template.
Firstly you need to download Firebug Lite for Google chrome or respective browser Firebug lite for Google Chrome is a free extension for Chrome that lets you inspect and Modify HTML in real time. With the firebug lite installed, clicking on the Firebug lite icon on the top right opens the tool that contains tabs to inspect HTML, CSS, script.

Now for instance this is the template you need to edit in terms of change colors, fonts, width etc etc.

I need to change the red tabs that shows labels( smartphones, tablets etc)
Step1: Lauch the firebug lite and click on the inspect button on the toolbar, now hover your move over where you need to edit, for example hover o…

Top Affiliate programmes to monetize travel and e-commerce sites

Areyou running an e-commerce or a travel website and have considerable amount of visitors and looking for some extra income, then affiliate program is the best way to make income.
There are thousands of affiliate programs available one should choose the best program that suits your site and visitors interest. Here is a list of some of the best affiliate programs available, read about user policy and mount of revenue and commission you could earn from each program before applying.
Expedia Affiliate Network







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Tumblr or Blogger?

Registration Tumblr registration process is quite easy. Tumblr ask new users for an Email address, a password and a blog URL, making it user friendly.
When it comes to Blogger, their signing up process is simple, if you already have an existing Google account. If users have no google account Blogger registration process will be quite cumbersome. Templates Choosing a template and customization is simple on Tumblr, and users can choose a variety of Premium templates as well as free templates from different categories. But many templates lack all the customization features. Users can use their own CSS and HTML skills to redesign their blogs.
Blogger is easy to customize, but it lacks some features like Tumblr does. Blogger comes up with a custom template designer, changing the layout in Blogger is easy, one could drag gadgets and use plenty of other option to look their Blog classy. Working with CSS is not quite impressive with Blogger.

Dashboard Tumblr’s dashboard interface …

Affiliate program for matrimonial sites

Here is a list of matrimonial affiliate programs in India

Bharat Matrimony

One can join this program free of cost. Bharat matrimony affiliate program shares up to 25% of revenue,for every high quality paid profiles.Minimum payout is Rs 200/- at any time. Ads include banners, text links,search widgets, RSS feeds,etc.

visit bharat Matrimony

Registration is quick and easy. Affiliates can earn up to Rs.25/-  on every free profile and it shares a revenue rate of 40%, Rs.1980/- for every aid membership. Ad formats -banners, text-links, multiple banners are served automatically.
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You can register for a free account. For each registration you receive a commission of Rs.10. For 1-50 registrations through your site you earn a commission of 25% of the membership fee,51-200 registrations will earn you 30% commission.Minimum payout Rs.1000 at the end of each month.

Indian Matrimonial network

Register for free. Indian Matrimonial Network provides a commis…