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Get lightning fast internet with Micromax MMX377G data card

Micromax launched the MMX377G data card in India which offers a breathtaking 14.4mbps speed perfect for social media enthusiast and online users to surf contents on the go.
According to Micromax the MMX377G card is the 1st device in India to be powered by MediaTek’s MT6280 3G/HSPA+. The device also comes with a special YouTube tab that enables access to the weekly top music videos. The device is powered to upload files at a speed of 5.76mbps and plug and play easy automatic installation.
The MMX377G data card is fueled with T-flash memory reader which is expandable u to 32 GB and supports any operators SIM cad. The data card is available for Rs 1699 across all leading retail outlets.

Dell launches XPS 8500 and Vostro 470 desktops in India

Dell recently unveiled 2 of its new model of desktop computer,the dell XPS 8500 and Vostro 470 with 3rd generation Intel processor known as Ivy Bridge.
The Dell XPS 8500 comes with a third generation Intell Core i5-3450 or i7-3770 quad core processor.It comes with 4 GB of RAM and can be upgraded to 16 GB. The Dell XPS 8500 comes with NVIDIA GeForce GT620 with 1 GB and 500 GB hard drive with Amd graphics. Its equipped with USB 3.0 for faster data transfer and a 3TB 7200 RPM HD.
The Dell Vostro 470 comes with an Intel i5-3450 quad core processor with Intel HD graphics and smart Response Technology.Memory up to 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz.Up to 2TB of 7,200 data storage is available.
The Dell Vostro is priced at Rs. 44,900 and Dell XPS 8500 at Rs. 53,000. Both the models comes with 64-bit Windows 7 professional SP1.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100, pocket sized camera

Sony yesterday announced its new compact camera the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 with 1inch sensor.The point and shoot camera boasts a 20.2 megapixel and comes with 1 inch Exmor CMOS sensor. Sony's RX100 will be the only camera in the world with 1inch type sensor(13.2x2.8mm)
Lets look into some of the exciting features of Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100: -20.2 megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor(13.2x8.8mm) -f1.8 maximum aperture -3 inch TFT-LCD screen with  1.2 million dots of resolution. -1080 full-HD video recording. -BIONZ image processor, sensitivity up to ISO25600. -3.6x optical zoom -Pop-up flash -dimension of 101.6x58,1x35.9mm/240g weight.
Sony cyber-shot DSC-RX100 is perfect for professional photography and travel phptography-the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 is euipped with BIONZ image procesor for developing sharp and quality images.3.6x optical zoom lens with F 1.8 maximum aperture and Carlt Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens. The newely developed 1inch(13.2x8.8mm)CMOS sensor is 4 times larger than any other compact …

Nvidia GTX 690-worlds fastest graphics card

Nvidia GTX 690 was announced on May 3 at the Nvidia Game Festival 2012 in Shanghai. Nvidia GTX 690 is engineered and designed for high performance experience for gaming and visual experience. Now lets lets have a look at the card which Nvidia claims as the fastedt  graphic card!!!

Nvidia GTX 690 is Nvidia's new flagship dual GPU graphics card.The board has two 28nm Kepler GPUs. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 boast a 3,072 CUPAcore, a base clock of 915 MHz, dual 8 pin power connector and thermal design profile(TDP) of 300 W. The outer case of the unit is made of a mixture of metal(trivalent chromium-plated aluminium) which provides strength and durability.The cooling fan is made up of Thixamolded magnesium alloy because of its better heat dissipation property.
The Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 is incorporated with the new cooling technology-it uses a dual vapor chamber and an axial fan at the center.Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 has 195 watts of TDP which is passed through two 8 pin connector.The dual…

Cool Gadget Ideas For Any Office

The office is most definitely the place to have gadgets. They can help do a multitude of things and help with the overall functionality of the office. The ideal thing to look for in a gadget is its purpose and most importantly will you have a use for it. When you ask yourself these questions you are on the way to motivating employees and having a much more functional office. Oh and your office will be cool.
USB 2.0 Cassette HubThis might sound very complicated but it actually isn’t. It’s basically just 4 extra USB ports that you plug into your laptop which allows you to plug more USB’s into your computer. This can work for a range of things from simple USB memory cards to mouse’s, tablets or even track pads. It is one of the most functional gadgets for an office, as you can never have enough USB ports.
The great thing about this is that it is not only functional it’s stylish too. They come in all different shapes, sizes and designs but my personal favourite has to be the retro tape cass…

Acer Iconia W700 & W510-Windows8 tablet

Acer has announced two of its Windows8 Tablet at Computex 2012, Taipei-The Iconia W700 and Iconia W510, 11.6 inch and 10.1 inch respectively. Both the Tablets are decently designed for endurance and user- friendliness

The Acer Iconia tablet W700 comes with a detachable keyboard and provides computing experience with 3 modes of Touchscreen usability.The Iconia W700 boast a 11.6 inch display with full HD(1920x1080) with high resolution display. Iconia W700 has an optional dock that lets you mount in portrait or landscape plus and additional keyboard.The Iconia W700 has 8 hours of battery life and includes Trio Mode of USB 3.0 port .Dolby Home theater for enhanced audio. It has a 5MP of camera and microphone on the rear, a front facing camera The Acer Iconia W700 can be tilted to 70 degrees for better viewing and 20 degrees for easy touch facility.

The Acer Iconia W510 is a 10 inch 10 finger multi-touch IPS display and has a battery life up to 18 hours. Detachable keyboard dock, carries …

G-RAID Thunderbolt-8TB Hdd

The G-RAID with Thunderbolt interface is a stylish external hardrive suitable  for Audio and Video professionals working on Mac to ease the work flow.The g technology hard drive G-RAID is perfectly designed for quality and performance. Thunderbolt drive is the most powerful and ultra fast IO technology ever introduced. 

G-RAID Thunderbolt-8TB Hdd is paired with G-Technology for high performance, it offers up to 8TB of external storage and data transfer up to 12 times faster than Firewire 800 and 20 times faster than USB 3.0.Thunderbolt external hard drive(4 TB,6 TB,8 TB)comes with a standard speed of 7200rpm and is capable of exchanging data with an average speed of 280 Mbps.G-RAID supports Apple MAC and easily handles multi streams-HDV, DVC ProHD, XDCAM HD, Uncompressed SD, 7200 RPM drive technology. It also supports Windows system just by reformatting.G-RAID 8TB is the first external hard drive from G-Technology which is not equipped with onboard to configure. The software is supplie…

Do You Suffer From Nomophobia

With 75 per cent of people suffering from it, GLOSSOPHOBIA i.e., the fear of speaking in public was considered to be the number one phobia. But now, a new fear – NOMOPHOBIA is on the rise and will replace the position of GLOSSOPHOBIA soon!    
Now as you would read further about NOMOPHOBIA, one might naturally wonder if such a symptom can be classed as a disease. But latest studies and researches have revealed that it is not just a fantasy to laugh at but could lead to serious mental disorders such as stress, hypertension, etc.                                            Nomophobia (Photo credit: Foomandoonian) What actually is NOMOPHOBIA? According to a survey conducted in 2008 of 2163 adults in the UK by YouGov plc underwritten by the UK Post Office Telecoms, it is supposedly “the fear of being out of mobile phone contact,” i.e., a no mobile phone phobia and hence coined the term NOMOPHOBIA.   

(Note: However, "NOMOPHOBIA" is not a recognized phobia by the Diagnostic and Stati…

Chromebook's pricee slashes » $299

Chromebook which is running on Google chrome OS is a new market segment found between cloud computing and laptops. Googlechrome book providers like Samsung and Acer have reduced its prices.
Acer has dropped the price of their AC700 Chromebook (Wi-Fi) to $299. The features include an 11.6" screen, Intel Atom N570 Processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB SSD hard drive and runs on Google Chrome OS.

Now the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook has 12.1-inch widescreen notebook with an Intel Atom N570 processor. Its light weight only 3.2 pounds.
In chromebook you can login with your Gmail information, so you have access to Docs, Calendar, and all your Google account basics. Apps are available from Google's Web Store, like TweetDeck, Angry Birds, and so on to help fill any software and utility needs. You are expected to save everything to the cloud.
Battery life lasts over six hours.