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Check out the new version of Gmail, enables auto categorizing inbox

A new version of Gmail has been rolled out letting you to auto-categorize your email into different tabs- this being enabled you will have your Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Gmail will auto categorize emails into each categories . You could also drag and drop your inbox mails into each category of your choice.

To enable tabs and auto-categorization, Go to Settings on top right and click on configure inbox, Now you can enable all your tabs you want to display

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Gmail app for iOS updated, brings in improved notification and inbox features

The official Gmail app for iPhone and iPad gets a new update with improved notification features and auto-categorized notification option.
The updated version 2.3.14159, has already rolled out and users can now enjoy a much improved notification option, the update lets users to customize the settings in the app to get notification for all messages, or only important messages and filter out unwanted message.
The update also comes with an improved inbox, the new update is readily seen-now your mail is grouped into categories making for quick read and prioritizes which one to read when.
Primary mail is shown first and it's easy to access and keep track of email in other categories by opening the menu.
You can configure this feature by going to on your computer.
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Google Chrome for Android updated with improved search and fullscreen browsing

Google Chrome for Android is now updated now with 2 new features making it easier to search and view result fullscreen on the go..
The new update from Google Chrome allows users to browse and view webpages in fullscreen on their device. To make the browsing even simpler and easier –the toolbar instantly disappears while you scroll down a page and when you scroll up the toolbar returns back to make your new search. The improved search function allows you to see your queries in the omnibox instead f the long search URL, so you can easily refine them and view more results.

Google Drive for Android gets new updates, adds new scan function

Google Drive for android gets major updates, now users can scan receipts, letters and documents using their smartphone on the go…easy and simple check it out!!
Now users can scan their documents with a click and simply turn any documents into a PDF and save it on your device for future use simply by going to the Add Menu and scan any photos, documents, flyers by snapping. With the new Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR), search for the documents you have saved since Drive will recognize text in scanned documents. Pretty cool isn’t it
The New update for Drive comes with improved interface- neat and clean, Drive files are now displayed like cards-style. The new interface is more precise and users can swipe between files to see large preview of the files making it easier to find the desired files.
Other update includes downloading any file from Drive to your Android device a backup of the files is always good and Drive has taken care of this. The editing experience in Google…

Online Collaboration Tools for Software Engineers

{by Nishadha Silva }
Collaboration means a group of people working together to create something. In general most software engineers do this in there day to day life. However the advances in technology and the increasing number of people working from distributed locations lead to more advanced online collaboration tools. Below are some online collaboration tools that are well suited for software engineers.
Confluence is software to manage wiki’s. Wiki’s became very popular after the success of community driven websites like Wikipedia. Business started noticing this and adopted this to manage their business knowledge. People can share their articles and his peers can give feedback instantly. A great tool for manage business knowledge in a collaborative way. Creately
Creately is an online diagramming tool, specifically built for software teams. Even as a standalone diagramming tool it compares well and can be considered as an alternative to Microsoft Visio. But when it comes to col…

Google comes indoor - Google Indoor Maps

Android users can now have the pride of walking and navigating through indoors of world's shopping mall and airports. The update is available currently for some buildings in US and Japan.
"Detailed floor plans automatically appear when you're viewing tge map and zoomed in on a building where indoor map data is available. The familiar blue dot icon indicates your location within several meters, and when you move up or down a level in a building with multiple floors, the interface will automatically update to display which floor you're on". This was what Brian McClendon,Vice President of Engineering for Google Earth and Maps wrote in his Google blog.
Android users are going to get benefitted with indoor maps currently. iPhone and other smartphone users need to wait, dont know how long but. Users will be able to find stairs, elevtors, restrooms and stores within malls, terminals within airports, bus station, railway stations.
Get to know more fron here about Google …

Latest addition to Google+

What's new on Google+With over 40 million users on Google +, Google+ has added some new features for its users. Over a billion contents and shared each day, the new feature "What's Hot" will allow users to keep a track of the trending and most popular post. Secondly the "Ripple" feature will add a visual pleasure to the users, keeping an eye on the shared post. Finally the latest addition is a photo editing software, the Creative Kit.

"What's Hot" feature appear in 2 places on Google+, firstly the mainstream, where you can read more similar topics and comment on it.It is also available as the standalone stream, on the left sidebar.

"Ripples" this feature will give a visual representation of a publicly shared content on Google+. The Ripple button can be seen on the top right corner of a shared post. Click on the drop down arrow and click "View Ripple", you will then be visually demonstrated with an interconnected network of do…

‘Do a Barrel Roll’

Google Easter Egg: Do a Barrel Roll Go to Google Type in the words “Do a barrel roll.” Click Enter. and see what happens
Note: You must be using Google chrome exerience the fun

Google starts indexing public comments

Image via CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseGoogle has now started to index your comments made on a public website using your Facebook account. When  a comment is made on a website, Google spiders crawl through the comment and will be shown in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Google uses web tools that trawls through the web and read comments.Comments published via Facebook accompanies a user's name,profile picture and link to your account. With this anyone searching for your name will reveal your comments and can potentially stumble through your Facebook account. Privacy issues will be a major question, the Google will have to solve in the long run. Earlier the search engines where unable to index the comments made on a website through disqus and Intense debate as this platforms used a different program which was not easy to read.

To stop Google from indexing your comments use the Facebook Disconnect extension for Chrome(click here)

Make payments with Google wallet now

Google wallet

Google wallet is an app that will make your phone your digital wallet, which will enable customers to pay for their purchases using their phone. Google Wallet uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to tap and pay on Paypas terminals on shops. Google wallet will create an absolute shopping delight for both the customers and businesses. Your digital wallet will store credit cards, offers, loyalty cards and gift cards. Customers can use their Google wallet to redeem coupons and earn reward points via Single Tap. Google Wallet will support Citi Master Card and Google Prepaid card. Yu will be able to make a purchase by tapping your phone wherever the Master Card Pay Pass is accepted. Google wallet is secured using a PIN which turns on the phones, allowing transmission between the NFC and the Pay Pass reader. The chip has an embedded secure element which keeps away your digital wallet from making careless payments. Currently Google Wallet is supported on Nexus S4G on …

Window Shopping with Google

Google Street ViewGoogle has launched a new service,Google street view,that would help shops, gyms, restaurants and other businesses to provide a glimpse of principal faces of the street.
Small businesses across Japan, UK, USA, New Zealand have invited photographers to their  shops, gyms and restaurants to capture images which will be uploaded in to Google online maps.Business owners can upload the 360 degree panoramic image using the street view technology to Google by just logging into Google places. The project would help businesses and customers across the world to develop an online presence at business and take a decision if they want to visit in person.   
Privacy issues has already been accounted by Google,the participation in the Google street view is completely voluntary. Google has even promised it will also blur out the images of  bystanders and license plates.
Initially, when launched the service was available in United States, UK, France, Japan, New Zealand etc Google Street Vi…

Get an .in domain name with Google

''India Get Your Business Online'' 
Google launched a free start up for SMEs(small Indian businesses) to start their own free website ,domain and hosting service. The program named "India Get Your Business Online" will provide a great opportunity for small firms and business to find their customers and grow their businesses.

Google has announced ,that initial registration cost and all technological support on building the website would be free for a year,adding it would take just 15 minutes to get online with a .in domain name

Join for free -->

Google Music Beta

Google Music Beta, new launch by Google

Google music beta is a new cloud based music service similar to Amazon’s Cloud Player and Apple’s iCloud. Initially, Music Beta will support for storage of up to 20,000 songs in the cloud. As of right now, Google Music Beta is free to use, But possibly things could change in the future. Currently the service is available for US residents through invitation. Google Music Beta currently does not support buying music feature. Users can download free tracks when they receive invitation to Google Music Bea. Coming into music formats, Google Music Beta supports, mp3,aac,flac and wma files. This could be a drawback for Apple users ,whose music files are in m4p and m4a format. Android and commuter users can currently be connected to the service. Users can upload their music collection and can listen from the web. Music is available on Android devices and does not takes u any storage space.

explore music beta US residents click here Indian users click here (n…

five things you should know about Google adwords

UNDERSTANDING CUSTOMERS          Understanding the needs and wants of the customers is a good way to get users notice your ad.           Have keywords tat are searched frequently by web users. Capture the right phrase or sentence           and wrap it into your Google AdWords ad. LINK TO THE RIGHT URL         The text of your Google AdWords ad should link to a URL that is relevant to the product or service          which you are marketing. Do not drive your customers directly to your homepage, instead the ad should           send customers straight to the landing page of the product or service you are advertising  EXPLAIN YOUR AD         AdWords users should keep in mind to mention the benefits of your product or service before         discussing its features. Remember you have limited space in your AdWords ad, to hook the          customers your ad should explain the benefits for your target users. LAUNCH 2 CAMPAIGN (OPTIONAL)         Two AdWords campaign can be launched at the same time, wit…

about Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a service for users to create ads for your business .Your advertisement will appear on the Google search page when users search a topic using your keywords. How it works AdWords appears or will be displayed along with the search result when someone searches Google using one of your keywords. Ads will appear under either the ‘sponsored links ’in the side column of the search page as well as in additional positions. In such a way Google AdWords provides you a great opportunity to advertise your business as well as driving traffic to your website or blog. Google AdWords come with a variety of ad formats, i.e.-text ads, image ads, video ads. Your Ad performance and ad-clicks can be monitored using the reports which are available in your AdWords account. With AdWords users enjoys no minimum monthly charges.