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Windows Phone App for Desktop available with new features

Users can enjoy start using an improved version of the Windows Phone App for Desktop, the program which lets users to sync music, photos and other media files between your phone and Windows PC. New feature added makes the Desktop App for managing music in iTunes.
Lets look into the features the Windows Phone App for Desktop is offering its users
The new version includes Support for iTunespodcasts automatically sync media files to devices. Now, as long as your podcasts are saved in a folder, you can automatically sync them to your phone.Sync files from any library or folder on your computerAutomatically import pictures and videos you've taken with your phone to your PC.Bug fixes are included to improve performance.Future updates to the application will be made available directly in the app, making it easier to update with a click.Get your playlists on your phone.Find songs that will work as ringtones and add them to your phone.See at a glance how much space you're using for eac…