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Buy custom gaming laptop online from professional companies

There was a time computer gaming was restricted only to desktops. Laptops were deemed as expensive counterpart of sturdy and bulky desktops and they were used by only a privileged section of elite users. However, all that has changed in last few years. Nowadays, laptops are used by every type of computer users including students. Advancements in technology have enabled computer brands to bring out sturdy and fast performing notebook models. Now, you can easily use laptops for intensive computer gaming without compromising on any aspect. Of course gaming laptops can cost you more than mainstream laptops but then any Gaming PC would cost more than mainstream models.

What should be present in a powerful gaming laptop? Before you can shop for gaming notebooks it is important that you know what should be the ideal configuration for your needs. It also depends on your budget to an extent. There was a time Intel based CPUs were used in most gaming laptops. Nowadays, you can opt for multi core…