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Investor Awareness and Education program by BSE

Investor Awareness programs are being regularly conducted by BSE to educate the investors and to create awareness among the investors regarding the working of the capital market and in particular the working of the stock Exchange. These programs have been conducted in almost all over the country.
The Investor Awareness program covers extensive topics like instruments of Investment, Portfolio approach, Mutual funds, tax provisions, trading, clearing and settlement, rolling statement, investors protection fund, trade guarantee fund, dematerialization of shares, information on debt Market, investor Grievance Redressel system available with SEBI, BSE and Company Law Board, information on Sensex and other Indices, workshops and Information of Derivatives, Futures and Options etc. For the benefit of the Investors the Bombay Stock Exchange has ·BSE training Institute which organizes Training programs periodically on various subjects like comprehensive programs on Capital Markets, Fundamenta…