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Caterpillar Heavy Equipment and Employment for Veterans

Young war veterans are among those greatly affected by the unemployment woes in the country. Aside from the fact that there aren’t too many job openings these days, young war veterans have reported having difficulty seeking posts that are appropriate for their skills. Finding employers that would be willing to hire veterans seems to be a great challenge too.
According to the New York-based support group Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, while there are those who currently work part-time, a great number long to be employed in full-time jobs. Furthermore, at least 17% of said demographic is out of work as of January 2012. This represents more than a million unemployed war veterans. Assuming each individual has a family of four, there are then more than four million Americans struggling to cope due to joblessness!
Amid all these economic problems, it’s then truly heartwarming and reassuring to know that there are still American companies out there that are striving to provide gainf…