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Marvel comics android app

Its the smartphone era and it would be always convienient for andriod users to have some entertainment on the go,and if you are a hardcore comic lover,you will love this app from MARVEL COMICS.

"Android fans can rejoice that Marvel’s amazing comics are now on the Marvel Comics app and Comics by comiXology app for Android," said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology.

Android users can download this app for free from the Google Playstore. Access the app from your device to read your favourite comics -the app homescreen lets you to search for popular,featured and free comics. The downloaded comics can be read from the comics store within the app. The app also comes with costomized search for comics. The downloaded comics can be read with ease, go to DOWLOADS >COMIC STORE. All the comics downloaded has excellent quality in terms of clarity and fluid navigation.

To download this app go to the Google Play store.
(source:Google Play store)

How To Learn Something New

The older we get, it becomes more intimidating to learn something new. Whether it’s a skill, a craft, a computer program or simply a new game, we shirk from learning new things because it seems like a challenge we may not want to take on. However, if you break it down for yourself into bite-sized steps, learning something new can not only be easy, but also be a pleasure.
Where Do I Start? Approach any topic you aren’t sure about systematically. First, you need to do research on the topic before you plunge headfirst into something new. If you want to learn about fixing cars, head to the library and check out a book about cars and Mustang parts. 
Another good way to bone-up on something new is to ask around and find someone that’s really good at that particular skill. Get some firsthand knowledge. Even better, find a class that you can join so you don’t have to get all the information on your own.
Practice Makes Perfect Once you feel like you’re kind of getting the hang of your new skill, …

The Top 5 Time Wasters Online

The Internet is a haven for product and productivity. Here’s how to keep your web-based career focused by avoiding these time-sucking websites.
Facebook Oh Facebook, how we love thee. We love funny status updates and crazy memes. We love seeing baby photos of our newest cousins and our friend’s pictures from last night’s wild party. We love reading the mini soap operas of friends and family who live hundreds of miles away who we haven’t seen in years. Facebook, you’re awesome!
Drudge Report If you’re a news junkie then chances are you know Matt Drudge and his news aggregator featuring stories that you really can’t find in one place anywhere else. Politics? Check. International news? Check. Domestic dramas? Check. Celebrity updates? Check. Oddities? Check. Drudge really does have it all.
Ebay Whether you’re trying to find a used flute for your daughter, a vintage Gucci purse or a new Gibson Les Paul for your son, Ebay has it all. With millions shopping (and listing) victoriously every moment…

Windows vs. Mac – The Struggle for China

In late 2011 it became official; China overtook the United States as the largest smartphone market in the world. While the United States is still the largest smartphone market by revenue, China is quickly gaining and now possesses the largest market in regards to sheer smartphone volume. Market research firm Strategy Analytics found that a record 23.9 million smartphones were shipped in China during the third quarter of 2011, representing sequential growth of 58%. In the United States, smartphone shipments fell to 23.3 million units, a 7% dip compared to the second quarter. With a rapidly growing market, and a downward trend in the U.S., China is proving to be the future battleground for mobile operating systems such as Windows Phone and iPhone.

In early 2012 Apple made the first move. On January 13th, Apple released its iPhone 4S to China and 21 other markets throughout the world. Soon after, in March of 2012, Windows responded. In late March the first Windows Phone-powered handset…

The Growing Role of Tablets in the Mobile Device Ecosystem

There’s always been an uncertainty with Tablets. They’re not smartphones, and they’re not quite laptops … so what are they? What is their role? And where do they fit?
Consumers seem to be feeling a conflict of interests when it comes to purchasing tablets. Zach Epstein, BGR Executive Editor, may have best explained this conflict of interest when he addressed his own concerns about the iPad and other tablets:
“You can watch videos on an iPad, but I would rather watch on a TV. You can work on an iPad, but I would rather use a notebook or desktop computer. You can quickly maneuver through dozens of gorgeous apps on an iPad, but I have smartphones packed to the brim with great apps. You can read books on the iPad, but I have a Nook Touch that lasts for more than a month on a charge, and is much lighter and more comfortable to hold than the iPad. For everything the iPad does, I already own something that does it better.”
Well-warranted his criticism may be. But despite the criticism and uncer…

How to Succeed in an Online Business School

Congratulations, you have been admitted into an online business school of your choosing! As you already know by undergoing the admission process, the experience ahead of you is not going to be easy. It shouldn’t be. The online business school course offerings should challenge and expand your mind if the degree you ultimately earn is going to be worth the paper it’s printed on.
Study Hard and Hit the Books! Take your lessons seriously. Much like in the traditional campus setting, goofing-off will be counterproductive. In some ways there is even greater transparency in the online school environment than in a crowded classroom and definitely less of a policing factor to keep the students in check. Cramming for tests and taking shortcuts might have some short-term gain, but in the end there is no substitute for strong time management skills and a disciplined work ethic–both in business school and beyond.
No Peer Pressure Here How crazy is it, especially when we are young, that this prevailing…

How to Combine Features and Benefits in Product Copy

You know the size and color of your product, what it’s made of and what each little button does. But none of this helps customers understand why they should buy it – that is, unless you explain it to them. Consumers are being marketed to all the time, but they’ll only buy the things that save them time or money or otherwise make their lives easier. That’s why your copy needs to tout the features and benefits of your product.
Features and Benefits: What’s the Difference? A famous urban legend says the new CEO of a drill manufacturer told his sales team they were no longer selling the drills, but the holes that the drills produced. That’s the best way to differentiate features from benefits.
Features are the elements of a product that the consumer can see, feel or measure. The benefits are the end results of those features. 
A cookware company, for example, could talk about the features of green cookware, including materials and cooking time; or it could talk about the faster cooking time, …

Dell launches XPS 8500 and Vostro 470 desktops in India

Dell recently unveiled 2 of its new model of desktop computer,the dell XPS 8500 and Vostro 470 with 3rd generation Intel processor known as Ivy Bridge.
The Dell XPS 8500 comes with a third generation Intell Core i5-3450 or i7-3770 quad core processor.It comes with 4 GB of RAM and can be upgraded to 16 GB. The Dell XPS 8500 comes with NVIDIA GeForce GT620 with 1 GB and 500 GB hard drive with Amd graphics. Its equipped with USB 3.0 for faster data transfer and a 3TB 7200 RPM HD.
The Dell Vostro 470 comes with an Intel i5-3450 quad core processor with Intel HD graphics and smart Response Technology.Memory up to 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz.Up to 2TB of 7,200 data storage is available.
The Dell Vostro is priced at Rs. 44,900 and Dell XPS 8500 at Rs. 53,000. Both the models comes with 64-bit Windows 7 professional SP1.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100, pocket sized camera

Sony yesterday announced its new compact camera the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 with 1inch sensor.The point and shoot camera boasts a 20.2 megapixel and comes with 1 inch Exmor CMOS sensor. Sony's RX100 will be the only camera in the world with 1inch type sensor(13.2x2.8mm)
Lets look into some of the exciting features of Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100: -20.2 megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor(13.2x8.8mm) -f1.8 maximum aperture -3 inch TFT-LCD screen with  1.2 million dots of resolution. -1080 full-HD video recording. -BIONZ image processor, sensitivity up to ISO25600. -3.6x optical zoom -Pop-up flash -dimension of 101.6x58,1x35.9mm/240g weight.
Sony cyber-shot DSC-RX100 is perfect for professional photography and travel phptography-the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 is euipped with BIONZ image procesor for developing sharp and quality images.3.6x optical zoom lens with F 1.8 maximum aperture and Carlt Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens. The newely developed 1inch(13.2x8.8mm)CMOS sensor is 4 times larger than any other compact …

Micromax A45 launched

Micromax has launched its new smartphone A45 Music Phone in the Superfone range, a successor of its A50 Ninja smartphone.The A45 is available for Rs 5,499 and can be pre-booked from the Micromax official site.
The Superfone A45 Punk euns on Android 2.3(Gingerbread) powered by 650 MHz processor and has a 1300 mAh battery. The A45 has a 3.5 inch TFT capacitive display and 480x320 pexel screen resolution. The A45 boast a 2MP camera on its rear and combines digital zoom, multi shoot and night mode.The device has a an expandable memory up to microSD and comes with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity option. The Micromax A45 comes preloaded with the AISHA voice assistant , a voice recognition app similar to Apple's Siri. 
The Micromax A45 Superfone is available in white and black colors.

Nvidia GTX 690-worlds fastest graphics card

Nvidia GTX 690 was announced on May 3 at the Nvidia Game Festival 2012 in Shanghai. Nvidia GTX 690 is engineered and designed for high performance experience for gaming and visual experience. Now lets lets have a look at the card which Nvidia claims as the fastedt  graphic card!!!

Nvidia GTX 690 is Nvidia's new flagship dual GPU graphics card.The board has two 28nm Kepler GPUs. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 boast a 3,072 CUPAcore, a base clock of 915 MHz, dual 8 pin power connector and thermal design profile(TDP) of 300 W. The outer case of the unit is made of a mixture of metal(trivalent chromium-plated aluminium) which provides strength and durability.The cooling fan is made up of Thixamolded magnesium alloy because of its better heat dissipation property.
The Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 is incorporated with the new cooling technology-it uses a dual vapor chamber and an axial fan at the center.Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 has 195 watts of TDP which is passed through two 8 pin connector.The dual…

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC OneX

Samsung Galaxy has all turned out be a favorite gadgets among all tech freaks and is being discussed topic on the web. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is on the top of the list of Android Smartphone by acquiring 9 million pre-orders. The HTC OneX is the leading phone of the HTC OneX Series which was launched at MCW 2012. Now lets look into some of the key features of both the smartphone, and what makes it to the top of the list?

Platform: Both Galaxy S3 and HTC OneX runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with new Touchwiz interface while the HTC OneX is equipped with Sense 4.0 with stylized widgets and a better interface for amazing experience.The app launcher and app switcher interface is replaced  with animated thumbnails.The S3 is integrated with some exciting features like Svoice and SmartStay.

Display:Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8" display with 720x1280 resolution and with Super AMOLED screens. Super AMOLED display is makes the Samsung Galaxy in fron of the displa…

Cool Gadget Ideas For Any Office

The office is most definitely the place to have gadgets. They can help do a multitude of things and help with the overall functionality of the office. The ideal thing to look for in a gadget is its purpose and most importantly will you have a use for it. When you ask yourself these questions you are on the way to motivating employees and having a much more functional office. Oh and your office will be cool.
USB 2.0 Cassette HubThis might sound very complicated but it actually isn’t. It’s basically just 4 extra USB ports that you plug into your laptop which allows you to plug more USB’s into your computer. This can work for a range of things from simple USB memory cards to mouse’s, tablets or even track pads. It is one of the most functional gadgets for an office, as you can never have enough USB ports.
The great thing about this is that it is not only functional it’s stylish too. They come in all different shapes, sizes and designs but my personal favourite has to be the retro tape cass…

Acer Iconia W700 & W510-Windows8 tablet

Acer has announced two of its Windows8 Tablet at Computex 2012, Taipei-The Iconia W700 and Iconia W510, 11.6 inch and 10.1 inch respectively. Both the Tablets are decently designed for endurance and user- friendliness

The Acer Iconia tablet W700 comes with a detachable keyboard and provides computing experience with 3 modes of Touchscreen usability.The Iconia W700 boast a 11.6 inch display with full HD(1920x1080) with high resolution display. Iconia W700 has an optional dock that lets you mount in portrait or landscape plus and additional keyboard.The Iconia W700 has 8 hours of battery life and includes Trio Mode of USB 3.0 port .Dolby Home theater for enhanced audio. It has a 5MP of camera and microphone on the rear, a front facing camera The Acer Iconia W700 can be tilted to 70 degrees for better viewing and 20 degrees for easy touch facility.

The Acer Iconia W510 is a 10 inch 10 finger multi-touch IPS display and has a battery life up to 18 hours. Detachable keyboard dock, carries …

Samsung Music Hub launches for Galaxy s3

Samsung have officially opened its online music streaming service called theMusic Hub, which is  currently available for Samsung Galaxy S3 users.Samsung Music Hub is powered by mSpot pioneer in mobile music service.Samsung Music Hub will battle among the major music services such as Spotify and iTunes.So lets take a look at some of the fatures of Music hub!!

Music Hub is an integrated mobile and we service, the service lets users to buy songs, create personalized stations and stream music - upload and listen music to the cloud and access it from anywhere.Music Hub works easily-once the uploader is installed on your PC it automatically syncs with your music library and stream unmatched music to the cloud .Users will have access to the entire music collection on the cloud -which is automatically updated ,while the price to be paid is 9.99 euros.
Access to more than 19 million songs and 100 of new songs added everyday for music lovers. Search for new music and get customized recommendation…

Dell Latitude E6420 ATG - business rugged laptop

Dell Latitude E6420 is extremely tough laptop!!!Dell Latitude E6420 is better described as "business rugged laptop" with its strong and rugged design. It is a laptop better suited for both office and rugged use. Dell rugged laptops are known for its durability and performance in extreme and harsh environments meeting military standards.
Specifications:The ruggedized laptop comes with 2.8GHz Intel Core i7-2640M processor and 4 Gb of RAM. Dell Latitude has a 14 inch screen with  anti-reflective coating and a display resolution of 1366x768 pixel with bright colors and sharp contrast.The keyboard is spill resistant and is on the small side-80x45mm and a trackpoint in the center.The rugged laptop is good with gaming and graphic properties, you can upgrade to nVidia NVS 4200. It has 2 USB port at its right edge plus eSATA and 2.0 Combo port. At its left edge is a USB 2.0 and VGA along with headphone and mic jack. It has a removable tray laod DVD and a RW Dive.Security-Finger print …

G-RAID Thunderbolt-8TB Hdd

The G-RAID with Thunderbolt interface is a stylish external hardrive suitable  for Audio and Video professionals working on Mac to ease the work flow.The g technology hard drive G-RAID is perfectly designed for quality and performance. Thunderbolt drive is the most powerful and ultra fast IO technology ever introduced. 

G-RAID Thunderbolt-8TB Hdd is paired with G-Technology for high performance, it offers up to 8TB of external storage and data transfer up to 12 times faster than Firewire 800 and 20 times faster than USB 3.0.Thunderbolt external hard drive(4 TB,6 TB,8 TB)comes with a standard speed of 7200rpm and is capable of exchanging data with an average speed of 280 Mbps.G-RAID supports Apple MAC and easily handles multi streams-HDV, DVC ProHD, XDCAM HD, Uncompressed SD, 7200 RPM drive technology. It also supports Windows system just by reformatting.G-RAID 8TB is the first external hard drive from G-Technology which is not equipped with onboard to configure. The software is supplie…

7 Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Android

In today’s world, phones are so much more than just a device to call people. They are powerful mini-computers.Here are 7 tips to help you get the most from your Android. Backup your Data:In the past, when you lost your phone you were forced to replace your contact info manually.However, today’s phones make this easy but regular data backup in necessary inorder to make it possible. Androids make it even easier. Simply sync it withyour Google account. This will make sure that all of your data is backed up andready to download onto a new phone – assuming the worst happens. Save Battery Life:There are apps that can be downloaded onto a Android that will automatically adjust battery sucking setting when the phone is in standby mode. One example is JuiceDefender. On average, this app will increase battery life by 5 hours.
Monitor New Apps:Anytime you install a new app, be sure you pay close attention to its behavior. If theystart taking up a lot of CPU, you should kill them.
Utilize the Auto-Br…

HTC Evo 4G LTE-launched

Sprint has finally announced the launch of HTC Evo 4G LTE, it will hit the market by today June 2 for $200. HTC Evo launch date was delayed after  patent rift with Apple. HTC Evo is expected to make a big impact to the Android market after its successful Droid Incredible 4G LTE.

HTC Evo 4G LTE is powered by a dual core Snapdragon S4 and a fast graphics processor. Evo 4G LTE has a 4.7 inch display with IPS technology ,1280x720 HD pixel,screen protected with Corning Gorilla Glass. HTC Evo runs on Sense 4 the new version of HTC's Android. Evo LTE has a 8 MP camera with BSI sensor with auto focus and a front facing camera of 1.3 MP and 1080p video recording.It has an internal storage of 16 GB with microSD option and a battery capacity of 2000mAh.
HTC Evo price in India is tagged at Rs 11,000. You can now check the price from BestBuy. HTC Evo 4G LTE will come in white and grey colors.Evo 4G LTE will come with Google Wallet  and is integrated with Beats Audio for authentic HD sound.