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HTC Desire 200 is launched with 3.5" display

The Taiwan mobile manufacturing giant The HTC has launched their new flagship Smartphone. The newly designed and featured phone is named with HTC Desire 200. The company claimed that it is the most cheap and speedy Smartphone for the end users who wants them to be a Smartphone user. As the technology and the accessories were costlier in the earlier days, it was not possible for the manufacturers to provide best featured Smartphones to the customers. But now these are getting enhanced and advanced as the companies are in competition to offer the best featured and designed Smartphones to the market. The Smartphones with the latest features like picture messaging, emailing, high-end imaging coupled with so many attributes attracts the customers but along with this the price is also a factor that matters them. For some buyers the price is not at all a factor for getting a smartphone will a lot many advanced features. But companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony and the other market controllers …