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Teaching Your Teen to Drive

What’s the most exciting time of a teen’s life is often the most terrifying for you, the parent. It’s especially troublesome when your kid has been used to riding in a horsepower-laden speed machine. Maybe you’re thinking back to those times when you revved the engine with Junior in the backseat and wishing you’d opted for a mini-van.
Well, it’s too late for that now. Your teen is at the age when it’s time to put him or her behind the wheel (with hands at 10 and 2, of course). It’s scary and frustrating but there are some key tips to help make the transition as smooth as possible for both of you. Hopefully you won’t need to hire a contractor to build you a new garage!
Bring in the Pros
Depending on the state you’re in and the school your child’s attending, driver’s ed might be required. If it’s not, it’s wise to invest in some professional driving courses. There are a number of private companies that offer these services. If your teen is fully in the surly stage, it might be better to le…