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2013 VESPA 946, limited edition collection by ricordo italian

Timeless design that says it all about the limited luxury edition of VESPA 946, designed with at most perfection the VESPA 946 is a true design that combines style and individuality amazingly crafted by hand.
According to Vespa “The Vespa 946 is made to man’s measure. And to the measure of the universe. Low consumption and reduced emissions. Fully digital instrumentation. A throbbing technological heart, perfect for long distances and city travel. Superior construction quality to make it a winner on every road, the means to reach every destination.”
The Vespa 946 is a futuristic and  an example of sustainable  mobility, the design language of the Vespa 946 combines aesthetic  and dynamic values without losing its historical value of form design.
 The Vespa 946 has ABS braking and ASR traction control. The 4-stroke 125 cc monocylinder guarantees the best performance in its category. Electronic injection, three-valve distribution, reduced friction and improved fluid dynamics sharply redu…