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AdFree Android v0.8.9


AdFree removes most ads in the browser and other apps. 
It does this by nullifying requests to known host names in the system host file.

Requirements: Android 2.1+
What's in this version:
-Added Japanesetranslation
-French and German are coming


Chromebook's pricee slashes » $299

Chromebook which is running on Google chrome OS is a new market segment found between cloud computing and laptops. Googlechrome book providers like Samsung and Acer have reduced its prices.
Acer has dropped the price of their AC700 Chromebook (Wi-Fi) to $299. The features include an 11.6" screen, Intel Atom N570 Processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB SSD hard drive and runs on Google Chrome OS.

Now the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook has 12.1-inch widescreen notebook with an Intel Atom N570 processor. Its light weight only 3.2 pounds.
In chromebook you can login with your Gmail information, so you have access to Docs, Calendar, and all your Google account basics. Apps are available from Google's Web Store, like TweetDeck, Angry Birds, and so on to help fill any software and utility needs. You are expected to save everything to the cloud.
Battery life lasts over six hours.

Apple iO5 update through air

Image via CrunchBase
Apple's iOS5.0 .1 update is finally in air now. Some new changes are expected which will fix tge current running bugs iOS 5 devices. Now. The update will be much more simple as the update will run on air. This means that the Apple users don't need to plug their device to computer and connevt to iTunes as the update is Over The Air(OTA).
The update is applicable to all iOS 5 running devices such as the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S , iPod Touch 3rd and 4th Gen , iPad, and iPad 2 .
All a user has to do is, go to Settings > General > Software Update, and
if there is an update available for your device, you will be notified immediately (given that
you're on a Wi- Fi or 3G network) and you can download the update right away.
A new way of update has also been introduced i.e. there will be delta updates where only required changes will be made and whole device will not be updated at once. The update takes place fairly easily and doesn't
take too m…

Latest addition to Google+

What's new on Google+With over 40 million users on Google +, Google+ has added some new features for its users. Over a billion contents and shared each day, the new feature "What's Hot" will allow users to keep a track of the trending and most popular post. Secondly the "Ripple" feature will add a visual pleasure to the users, keeping an eye on the shared post. Finally the latest addition is a photo editing software, the Creative Kit.

"What's Hot" feature appear in 2 places on Google+, firstly the mainstream, where you can read more similar topics and comment on it.It is also available as the standalone stream, on the left sidebar.

"Ripples" this feature will give a visual representation of a publicly shared content on Google+. The Ripple button can be seen on the top right corner of a shared post. Click on the drop down arrow and click "View Ripple", you will then be visually demonstrated with an interconnected network of do…

Android games and apps for free

Download premium games and apps for free everyday

Android users can download a collection of premium apps and games for free from GetJar. GetJar Gold provides premium Android apps and games for free, same would cost around $10 from other stores.

There are over 70 apps from different categories like games, entertainment and productivity.

visit GetJar gold

List of top 10 apps from GetJar Gold

  (1) Orbital
  (2) Firework Plus
  (3) TweetCaster for twitter
  (4) Football Meister
  (5) Smaart Friend-Finder
  (6) Facebook for Android
  (7) Mobo Task Killer
  (8) Launcher

tips for optimizing YouTube videos

From a simple video sharing website, YouTube has gained its position among some major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and many more. YouTube is ranked 3 by Alexa. Millions of videos are being watched and uploaded to YouTube every day, making it one of the popular website.

To get maximum succe of YouTube videos, video produced and uploaded to YouTube channel should be of great quality. Your target audience should find your content interesting and at the same time one should develop a unique strategy for pulling more public to watch the video frequently. One should do a bit of research on keyword analysis to optimize your content. Here are a few tips for optimizing YouTube videos Title: The title should be catchy and appropriate for the video. Use keywords that is highly searches by the audience and optimize the “title” using proper keywords. Each YouTube information can be optimized-the title, description, tags, categories with a highly searched keyword. Description: Description shou…

Android apps for Indian Stockmarket

This post refers to the android apps for Indian stock market. Find your apps here. Lets talk about the most commonly used apps and also the most handy one - " inStocksBSE/ NSE Stock Markets ". This app developed by Snapwork technologies has been the most widely and most downloaded apps. The home screen provides BSE and NSE values. There is also an option to create your watchlist. Also currency rates, options, news feed from various source provides, market advices etc can be obtained with the touch of your finger.
This app is very handy much powerful no performance issues consumes less  battery. Even with a slower dataconnectivity you can get good response from the app. The only disadvantage  which I found is the ability fo build your portfolio screen, bit its ok as you got a watchlist. Going to second one..
Moneycontrol has also provided an app for Indian stock traders.  A very good app which draws everyones attention as it got news from cnbc source. Also all the ability whic…

Get 5GB with Dropbox

htc and dropbox to brings 5GB free storage

HTC has announced, earlier this November, that users of its Androidsmartphones will get an additional storage of 5GB through the  Dropbox Cloud storage service.
Image via CrunchBase

Currently the Dropbox offers 2GB of space for its users. HTC has partnered along with Dropbox to offer 5GB of space for its Android users. Initially the the offer will be available for users of HTC sense 3.5. 

‘Do a Barrel Roll’

Google Easter Egg: Do a Barrel Roll Go to Google Type in the words “Do a barrel roll.” Click Enter. and see what happens
Note: You must be using Google chrome exerience the fun

Google starts indexing public comments

Image via CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseGoogle has now started to index your comments made on a public website using your Facebook account. When  a comment is made on a website, Google spiders crawl through the comment and will be shown in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Google uses web tools that trawls through the web and read comments.Comments published via Facebook accompanies a user's name,profile picture and link to your account. With this anyone searching for your name will reveal your comments and can potentially stumble through your Facebook account. Privacy issues will be a major question, the Google will have to solve in the long run. Earlier the search engines where unable to index the comments made on a website through disqus and Intense debate as this platforms used a different program which was not easy to read.

To stop Google from indexing your comments use the Facebook Disconnect extension for Chrome(click here)

Lending library from Amazon

The US online retailer launched the Kindle Owner’s lending Library early this November. Kindle owners with an Amazon Prime membership will get free access to the company’s new digital book library service.   The service will give the users a complete access to over 5,000 books from a variety of categories, which include 100 current and former New York Times bestsellers. Prime account members can borrow at least one new book for a month for free, and members can enjoy the offer of free two day shipping which will be fast and reliable. Prime Members will also have an access to Amazon’s Prime instant video service. An Amazon prime membership cost $79.99 a year. A free trial is available for new users, while subscribing to the service cost $79.99 per year. The new lending program is not compatible with ipad, Android tablet and smartphones that run the kindle apps. With the kindle book app, users can save their notes and bookmarks in the borrowed books, which can be used if users …

Make payments with Google wallet now

Google wallet

Google wallet is an app that will make your phone your digital wallet, which will enable customers to pay for their purchases using their phone. Google Wallet uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to tap and pay on Paypas terminals on shops. Google wallet will create an absolute shopping delight for both the customers and businesses. Your digital wallet will store credit cards, offers, loyalty cards and gift cards. Customers can use their Google wallet to redeem coupons and earn reward points via Single Tap. Google Wallet will support Citi Master Card and Google Prepaid card. Yu will be able to make a purchase by tapping your phone wherever the Master Card Pay Pass is accepted. Google wallet is secured using a PIN which turns on the phones, allowing transmission between the NFC and the Pay Pass reader. The chip has an embedded secure element which keeps away your digital wallet from making careless payments. Currently Google Wallet is supported on Nexus S4G on …

Window Shopping with Google

Google Street ViewGoogle has launched a new service,Google street view,that would help shops, gyms, restaurants and other businesses to provide a glimpse of principal faces of the street.
Small businesses across Japan, UK, USA, New Zealand have invited photographers to their  shops, gyms and restaurants to capture images which will be uploaded in to Google online maps.Business owners can upload the 360 degree panoramic image using the street view technology to Google by just logging into Google places. The project would help businesses and customers across the world to develop an online presence at business and take a decision if they want to visit in person.   
Privacy issues has already been accounted by Google,the participation in the Google street view is completely voluntary. Google has even promised it will also blur out the images of  bystanders and license plates.
Initially, when launched the service was available in United States, UK, France, Japan, New Zealand etc Google Street Vi…

10 sites to send large files

List of 10 sites where you can send files of large size.
(1) Sendthisfile

(2) Filemail

(3) Dropsend

(4) Transferbigfiles

(5) Fileflyer

(6) mailbigfile

(7) SEND6


(9) youSENDit

(10) Sizablesend

Remove Facebook News Ticker

Facebook Ticker is a live feed of all the ongoing activity which appears in users news feed.You can now remove the  Facebook NewsTicker which used to eat up almost 1/4th of the homepage.

  Google chrome users can disable or remove the Facebook new ticker by clicking thishere)
  Mozilla Firefox users can disable by downloading Stylish,an ad on from Firefox, click here to downlaod (stylish )

Get an .in domain name with Google

''India Get Your Business Online'' 
Google launched a free start up for SMEs(small Indian businesses) to start their own free website ,domain and hosting service. The program named "India Get Your Business Online" will provide a great opportunity for small firms and business to find their customers and grow their businesses.

Google has announced ,that initial registration cost and all technological support on building the website would be free for a year,adding it would take just 15 minutes to get online with a .in domain name

Join for free -->

10 sites to download Youtube videos

Here is a list of 10 sites to download Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Google videos for free.

(1) Savevid
Download videos from Youtube, Google video, metacafe and more in FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG or WMA formats.You can also download Savevid Video Downloader.
(2) Clipnabber

You can download and convert videos from Youtube, Facebook, dailymotin, vimeo, metacafe. You can also download Clipnabber freecorder(video downloader, audio recorder and video/MP3 file converter) for your brwser.
Download videos from Youtube, Metacafe,, Dailymtion, Megavideo, Google video.Lets you to save video as MP3 or FLV format
You can download video from a variety of sites like Youtube, 4shared, 5min, 9you, facebook, flickr, TED, Tudou, VBOX7, vimeo and many other
Download video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Googlevideo, Megavideo and so on.
(6)Tubeminator  Download videos from Youtube,dailymotion,, vplay.Ro, videonews, collegehumor and manyother in FLV, AVI, MPG, WMV, 3GP and MP…