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Surface at $199 – Believe it

Numerous reports have surfaced (pun not intended) indicating that the Windows RT model of Microsoft’s much anticipated Surface tablet would begin at just $199.
Where the new iPad begins at $499.99, this would certainly be a game changer. While hundreds, if not thousands, of bloggers have dismissed the reports, stating that this price point would simply be impossible and create huge losses for Microsoft, we should all be aware that Microsoft isn’t scared of losses. (Microsoft has continually sold the Xbox for an estimated loss of $126 per unit!)
Remember, this isn’t even about the Surface for Microsoft, and it never was. It’s always been about Windows 8 and competing with Apple’s OS. It would be great for Microsoft if they could get into the tablet game, but the Surface is merely a stage from which to promote Windows 8. What better way to get people familiarized with your new operating system than create your first ever own-brand tablet from which to promote it? Better yet, imagine se…