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LinkedIn’s New Graphical Portfolio

Every businessperson’s favourite social network, LinkedIn, has been continuing its gradual development and has recently added a feature that perhaps should have been part of it long ago: the ability to add images and documents to your personal profile. Whilst some might appreciate LinkedIn’s outlook, which has always veered towards the minimalistic, others have bewailed the lack of support for integrating imagery and other files into their profiles. Perhaps LinkedIn have always considered business to be about words rather than images; there are plenty of places, from Facebook to Pinterest to Google+ to Tumblr, where you can put your work online for all to see, so perhaps LinkedIn didn’t see the need for another one. It is interesting the decision comes shortly after some major changes to Google+, which also placed a large emphasis on photography. Google’s changes were cosmetic and aimed at mass appeal rather than the narrower business orientation of LinkedIn, but it’s undeniable out o…