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Can You Sue for Net-Based Libel?

Whether you sell industrial sweepers, maintain a charity website or just chat on forums, if you're online you could run into someone who tries to defame your character. Sometimes such people are genuinely angry, sometimes they're just trying to get a rise out of you, and in some cases they're mentally unbalanced. Whatever the reason, online defamation can ruin your reputation, damage your career and even leave you vulnerable to legal investigation.
Defining Libel Defamation falls into two categories: libel and slander. Slander describes spoken words that injure your reputation, while libel describes written defamation. Online definition is considered libel.
To be libel, a written statement must be a false statement presented as a fact, not an opinion. Under the First Amendment, an idea cannot be considered false. Therefore, if someone posts an online message that you're a jerk, it may be hurtful, but it's just an opinion and therefore nor libel. If, however, someone…

online file sharing and storage sites


Dropbox allows users to store, sync and share files online. You can create a folder in your system and simply drop files and access it from anywhere. Provides 2.25GB of free space.


Sugarsync is an online file sharing, file sync,and online backup service.It stores your files-documents,music,photos and videos to a secured cloud.

It shres files with a link or as a shared folder with anyone and store it to the cloud. Enables file sharing and file transfer.


It uploads and stores files-movies,document,photos,music,etc to the cloud.You can access the files from anywhere, anytime and edit documents online. Free 50GB online storage space


ZumoDrive is an personal storage that gets all your content-photos, videos, documents and other files onto any of your device including your tablet and smartphone.

Amazon s3 Browser

Amazon s3 provides a free and simple web interface that can be used to store and retrieve any files. It helps to upload and download files to and fr…