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Smart way to modify blogger template to attract more visitors

If you have chosen a customized blogger template and has made necessary xml changes and still your template is looking dull, here is a great way to customize the template. Colors and font sizes can only be modified by editing CSS codes and if your knowledge on CSS is limited you may use the below step to customize the template.
Firstly you need to download Firebug Lite for Google chrome or respective browser Firebug lite for Google Chrome is a free extension for Chrome that lets you inspect and Modify HTML in real time. With the firebug lite installed, clicking on the Firebug lite icon on the top right opens the tool that contains tabs to inspect HTML, CSS, script.

Now for instance this is the template you need to edit in terms of change colors, fonts, width etc etc.

I need to change the red tabs that shows labels( smartphones, tablets etc)
Step1: Lauch the firebug lite and click on the inspect button on the toolbar, now hover your move over where you need to edit, for example hover o…

Top Affiliate programmes to monetize travel and e-commerce sites

Areyou running an e-commerce or a travel website and have considerable amount of visitors and looking for some extra income, then affiliate program is the best way to make income.
There are thousands of affiliate programs available one should choose the best program that suits your site and visitors interest. Here is a list of some of the best affiliate programs available, read about user policy and mount of revenue and commission you could earn from each program before applying.
Expedia Affiliate Network







tips for optimizing YouTube videos

From a simple video sharing website, YouTube has gained its position among some major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and many more. YouTube is ranked 3 by Alexa. Millions of videos are being watched and uploaded to YouTube every day, making it one of the popular website.

To get maximum succe of YouTube videos, video produced and uploaded to YouTube channel should be of great quality. Your target audience should find your content interesting and at the same time one should develop a unique strategy for pulling more public to watch the video frequently. One should do a bit of research on keyword analysis to optimize your content. Here are a few tips for optimizing YouTube videos Title: The title should be catchy and appropriate for the video. Use keywords that is highly searches by the audience and optimize the “title” using proper keywords. Each YouTube information can be optimized-the title, description, tags, categories with a highly searched keyword. Description: Description shou…

five things you should know about Google adwords

UNDERSTANDING CUSTOMERS          Understanding the needs and wants of the customers is a good way to get users notice your ad.           Have keywords tat are searched frequently by web users. Capture the right phrase or sentence           and wrap it into your Google AdWords ad. LINK TO THE RIGHT URL         The text of your Google AdWords ad should link to a URL that is relevant to the product or service          which you are marketing. Do not drive your customers directly to your homepage, instead the ad should           send customers straight to the landing page of the product or service you are advertising  EXPLAIN YOUR AD         AdWords users should keep in mind to mention the benefits of your product or service before         discussing its features. Remember you have limited space in your AdWords ad, to hook the          customers your ad should explain the benefits for your target users. LAUNCH 2 CAMPAIGN (OPTIONAL)         Two AdWords campaign can be launched at the same time, wit…

about Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a service for users to create ads for your business .Your advertisement will appear on the Google search page when users search a topic using your keywords. How it works AdWords appears or will be displayed along with the search result when someone searches Google using one of your keywords. Ads will appear under either the ‘sponsored links ’in the side column of the search page as well as in additional positions. In such a way Google AdWords provides you a great opportunity to advertise your business as well as driving traffic to your website or blog. Google AdWords come with a variety of ad formats, i.e.-text ads, image ads, video ads. Your Ad performance and ad-clicks can be monitored using the reports which are available in your AdWords account. With AdWords users enjoys no minimum monthly charges.

know about Flipkart affiliate program

Flipkart affiliate program

Flipkart is an online portal  for books, movies, music, games, mobile phones, cameras, computers, healthcare and personal products Flipkart affiliate program provides an opportunity for web users and bloggers to earn money by displaying ads and links on their corresponding website. With affiliate program you can earn commission up to 6% per product sold.
Affiliate network: personal
>on any website or blog
Tools: banners, links, button Referral rates: Referral rate:  Books - 6%Music/Movies/Games - 4%Mobiles, Gaming Consoles & Accessories - 1%Cameras - 2%Computers - .5%Payment options: ·Flipkart gift voucher ·Cheque. Minimum payout: ·Rs 250.00/- flipkart gift voucher ·Rs 2500.00/- cheque
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