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Best Tablets of 2013

Tablets have taken the world by storm. Only a few years back, tablets weren’t even known to people but now tablets are available worldwide with several choices, which makes your decision all the more difficult. However, now we have made it easy for you by offering you with a list of top 10 tablets available. Speaking generally about tablets, the screen size of the tablets ranges from 7 to 13 inches and run on different operating systems.
10. Asus Fone Pad
Somewhat similar to Nexus 7 when we talk about the looks, Asus Fone Pad offers some bonus actions also. It comes at a great price along with 3G connectivity and MicroSD card slot. The tablet allows you to make and receive calls as well as text messages. It runs on Jelly Bean and is not as fast as dual core or quad-core chip. It is paired up with Bluetooth a headset and offers a great value for money.

9. Samsung Galaxy 10.1
Featuring a 10.1inch Super Clear LCD screen, the Galaxy 10.1 is the perfect tablet for those who like it large. It …

HTC Desire 600 Review

HTC has launched quite a good number of devices in the premium segments for this year viz. HTC One and HTC Butterfly S. HTC One had got raving reviews for its classy design and superb configuration. And now, HTC is turning towards low-range and mid-range smartphones through its Desire series. Desire 600 is the latest offering from the company in the mid-segment. We got a chance to play with it and here’s our thought about it-
Design and Build Quality
The device takes inspiration from both HTC One and Butterfly S resulting in the body which is combination of both aluminum and plastic. The phone is primarily having a plastic chassis and back, it also has a metallic edges running along the sides. It also features dual speakers at the front a la BoomSound feature. The front also has secondary camera and sensors at the top, and usual HTC’s capacitive buttons at the bottom. To give it a distinct look it has red accents below the speakers as well as the back around the rear camera. Other ports…

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Exclusive images of Nokia Lumia 1080 Concept Phone


7 Steps That’ll Ease You Out In Optimizing Your Joomla Site

Joomla is easy. It is simple. It lets you create ultra modern websites in a quick manner. But business owners face issues at search engine fronts despite Joomla’s recognition as one of the most search engine friendly web content management systems. It provides you to the freedom to create impressive online identities. Technically, the Joomla users lack in following special guidelines while optimizing their sites. Here are 7 steps, which can be followed for fixing the technical issues of a Joomla site.
In case, you are facing issues in bringing organic traffic on your website then you can use below given steps for increasing the market value of your Joomla site. Reviewing the outcome of with each step after finishing the process will help you in reducing the chances of failure.
Step: 1 Are You on the Right Server It is important to ask. The modern day search engine marketing depends on multiple factors and using right servers is one among such factors. You should try to use Linux serve…

HTC Desire 200 is launched with 3.5" display

The Taiwan mobile manufacturing giant The HTC has launched their new flagship Smartphone. The newly designed and featured phone is named with HTC Desire 200. The company claimed that it is the most cheap and speedy Smartphone for the end users who wants them to be a Smartphone user. As the technology and the accessories were costlier in the earlier days, it was not possible for the manufacturers to provide best featured Smartphones to the customers. But now these are getting enhanced and advanced as the companies are in competition to offer the best featured and designed Smartphones to the market. The Smartphones with the latest features like picture messaging, emailing, high-end imaging coupled with so many attributes attracts the customers but along with this the price is also a factor that matters them. For some buyers the price is not at all a factor for getting a smartphone will a lot many advanced features. But companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony and the other market controllers …

Lenovo K900 smartphone with 2GHz processor

Lenovo has made its biggestcomeback in the Indian Android phones market with the launch of six new devices. One of them is the high-end flagship Lenovo K900, running on a Clover Trail+ 2Ghz Intel Processor. Company had no strongpresence in Indian smartphone market but nowLenovo K900 flagship device is catching a lot of attention among buyers because of its non ordinary design and stylish look. Lenovo K900 is prettyslim, really powerful and comes with a massive display, making it a perfect rival for other flagships in the market including Sony Xperia Z. Check out the whole post to find out more about this hotly talked Lenovo Android flagship.
Display – One of the biggest upside of the Lenovo K900 is the stylish metal finish body. It comes with an aluminum back panel with exposed screws, making it look really stylish compare to some other phones in the same price range. Other details on the phone including power and volume buttons are beautifully crafted with some kind of metallic elemen…

NIKE TW'14: perfect Golf shoe for athletes

The Nike TW’14 was unveiled during the 2013 Players Championship by Tiger Woods, now the golf shoe is available $225 from Nike Store.
According to Nike With Nike Free-inspired technology and design, the TW'14 delivers the freedom and support to unleash the full power of your swing.
Unique features of Nike TW’14 The Nike free inspired outsole provides increased flexibility and full athletic motion Nike Dynamic Fit with Flywire technology makes your foot adaptive to the form The shoe has ventilated design, which helps in better breathability and comfort
Additional features The Nike TW’14 is completely customizable, you can customize according to your choice of color, more exciting is you could also personalize by adding your name or favorite quotes /message to the inside tongues
You can fine tune the traction by picking traditional TRI-LOCK system , or the lighter-weight Integration Traction Option. You can also choose either waterproof synthetic leather or a breathable mesh.

via Nike

Block all incoming and outgoing wireless communication with OFF POCKET

The OFF Pocket is a phone case that blocks all wireless signals from entering and exiting the case, designed by by Adam Harvey & Johanna Bloomfield- the remarkable product lets your phone off by placing it in the case.  By placing the phone in the case, the phone remains untraceable, unreachable and off.
“The OFF Pocket™ uses the principle of a faraday cage to block all radio signals from entering and exiting the case. Your phone contains an antennae that communicates with cell towers and GPS systems. Both of these signals, radio waves in the 2.4GHz spectrum, are blocked by the metallized fabric in the case.”
The OFF Pocket has been extensively tested on all major networks, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. It is compatible with all mobile phone hardware including but not limited to iPhones, Android, Blackberrys, Nokia as well as all modern phone operating systems
via Off pocket

Check out the new version of Gmail, enables auto categorizing inbox

A new version of Gmail has been rolled out letting you to auto-categorize your email into different tabs- this being enabled you will have your Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Gmail will auto categorize emails into each categories . You could also drag and drop your inbox mails into each category of your choice.

To enable tabs and auto-categorization, Go to Settings on top right and click on configure inbox, Now you can enable all your tabs you want to display

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Samsung Galaxy Win Specifications

In April it was announced that, as rumored, Samsung will release its newest addition to its line-up the Galaxy Win. As cell phone technology becomes more sophisticated, this phone is aimed solidly at the average user. Let’s face it; the ordinary person on the street really may not have a need for all the features and latest gimmicks that are included on many of the top-end cell phones on the market today. This newest Samsung will provide users with many great features found in more expensive phones, but in a user-friendly format.

The Samsung Win is powered by an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean platform. It also has a few features previously found in higher end phones such as Smart Alert, Easy Mode and Samsung’s Motion UX gesture control system. More familiar features include Wi-Fi capabilities, Bluetooth 3.0, and DLNA. It is powered by a 2000mAh battery with 3G HSUPA connectivity.

The Galaxy Win has 480 x 800 pixel resolution on its 4.7-inch LCD screen so every app and game can be v…

2013 VESPA 946, limited edition collection by ricordo italian

Timeless design that says it all about the limited luxury edition of VESPA 946, designed with at most perfection the VESPA 946 is a true design that combines style and individuality amazingly crafted by hand.
According to Vespa “The Vespa 946 is made to man’s measure. And to the measure of the universe. Low consumption and reduced emissions. Fully digital instrumentation. A throbbing technological heart, perfect for long distances and city travel. Superior construction quality to make it a winner on every road, the means to reach every destination.”
The Vespa 946 is a futuristic and  an example of sustainable  mobility, the design language of the Vespa 946 combines aesthetic  and dynamic values without losing its historical value of form design.
 The Vespa 946 has ABS braking and ASR traction control. The 4-stroke 125 cc monocylinder guarantees the best performance in its category. Electronic injection, three-valve distribution, reduced friction and improved fluid dynamics sharply redu…