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7 Steps That’ll Ease You Out In Optimizing Your Joomla Site

Joomla is easy. It is simple. It lets you create ultra modern websites in a quick manner. But business owners face issues at search engine fronts despite Joomla’s recognition as one of the most search engine friendly web content management systems. It provides you to the freedom to create impressive online identities. Technically, the Joomla users lack in following special guidelines while optimizing their sites. Here are 7 steps, which can be followed for fixing the technical issues of a Joomla site.
In case, you are facing issues in bringing organic traffic on your website then you can use below given steps for increasing the market value of your Joomla site. Reviewing the outcome of with each step after finishing the process will help you in reducing the chances of failure.
Step: 1 Are You on the Right Server It is important to ask. The modern day search engine marketing depends on multiple factors and using right servers is one among such factors. You should try to use Linux serve…

Check out the new version of Gmail, enables auto categorizing inbox

A new version of Gmail has been rolled out letting you to auto-categorize your email into different tabs- this being enabled you will have your Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Gmail will auto categorize emails into each categories . You could also drag and drop your inbox mails into each category of your choice.

To enable tabs and auto-categorization, Go to Settings on top right and click on configure inbox, Now you can enable all your tabs you want to display

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LinkedIn’s New Graphical Portfolio

Every businessperson’s favourite social network, LinkedIn, has been continuing its gradual development and has recently added a feature that perhaps should have been part of it long ago: the ability to add images and documents to your personal profile. Whilst some might appreciate LinkedIn’s outlook, which has always veered towards the minimalistic, others have bewailed the lack of support for integrating imagery and other files into their profiles. Perhaps LinkedIn have always considered business to be about words rather than images; there are plenty of places, from Facebook to Pinterest to Google+ to Tumblr, where you can put your work online for all to see, so perhaps LinkedIn didn’t see the need for another one. It is interesting the decision comes shortly after some major changes to Google+, which also placed a large emphasis on photography. Google’s changes were cosmetic and aimed at mass appeal rather than the narrower business orientation of LinkedIn, but it’s undeniable out o…

Skydrive offering 3GB extra storage for US collage students

Skydrive is offering 3GB of extra storage for collage students besides the 7 GB of free storage, the new feature is available for 1 year.

Students and graduates with a valid .edu email address have to submit their mail address to claim the offer code.Currently the new offer is only available for US collage students.
Visit Skydrive to grab the offer

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How to make fantastic Windows 8 phone home screen

Here is a list of best start screen tiles generators you could find to make attractive and fun tiles for Windows 8 phone



Skinery Tiles Pro

Custom Tiles Maker

Group Tiles

Color Tiles

Mosaic Tiles

Daily Tiles

Best project management and team collaboration tool you can find online


Top Affiliate programmes to monetize travel and e-commerce sites

Areyou running an e-commerce or a travel website and have considerable amount of visitors and looking for some extra income, then affiliate program is the best way to make income.
There are thousands of affiliate programs available one should choose the best program that suits your site and visitors interest. Here is a list of some of the best affiliate programs available, read about user policy and mount of revenue and commission you could earn from each program before applying.
Expedia Affiliate Network







Latest Version of Windows 8 Designed for Security

How many times have you ever been at the local coffee shop, or even a Washington DC conference center, and stressed over the security of the Wi-Fi connection? While there may not be much you can do about improving security for public internet access points, you can protect your wireless devices from being breached.

We all know about popular anti-virus software, but not everyone purchases it or maintains a subscription. And while this may be a fool-hardy approach to online access, it does not negate the fact that thousands of internet users are victims of malicious programs every month.
There has to be a better solution to online protection than having to purchase and install additional software. Indeed, Microsoft has found one.
Introducing the New Windows 8
Every few years, we expect the newest, latest version of Windows to roll out, anxious to see what changes and improvements have been made. This latest upgrade to Windows 8 should have virtually everyone excited. Well, everyone, that …