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Rayman Jungle Run available for Windows 8 phone

The legendary platforming hero is redesigned and given life making its way into Windows 8 phone with 50 gorgeous levels now try your luck to bring as many lums as you can.
New powers to unlock as you progress: jump, punch, fly, run on wall…5 worlds to discover each with their own atmosphere and gameplay.Unlock the challenging land of the livid deads levels if you have the skills.
Feel of the game Rayman Jungle Run is a cool runner style game. The Game is something where you can control with fingers by tapping gestures and on-screen button to jump from different level with gameplay; he gets more abilities as you play. Some levels are easy, some difficult Simple and fun. The game has excellent graphics and sound, loads quickly and Rayman flows from screen to screen
Jungle Run has all the levels found in the Android and iOS versions, plus two new levels for Windows Phone.The Rayman Jungle Run for Windows Phone 8 comes for ($2.99)