WhatsApp Messenger for Nokia

WhatsApp is a Free Cross-platform mobile messaging app which is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Android, Windows Phone. The App lets you to send text, video, images, audio free of cost by using the same internet data plan, it lets you to chat with a friend or a group of friends at no cost.In addition to basic messaging Whatsapp lets users to create group,send each other unlimited images and audio/video messages.
WhatsApp has 2 exciting features one could send and share their location ,this function lets you to share your location with your friends or to the group. You can also send your current location immediately or while t loads a place near to you, keeping yourself close with friends. The second feature is the group Icon,using this you can set a group icon for the group chat. One could also manually set their group icon or change the icon while viewing group info. With WhatsApp you can set your status update to inform your friends about availability.

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