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Know about Saygus V2, new powerful smartphone 2015


Exclusive images of Nokia Lumia 1080 Concept Phone


HTC Desire 200 is launched with 3.5" display

The Taiwan mobile manufacturing giant The HTC has launched their new flagship Smartphone. The newly designed and featured phone is named with HTC Desire 200. The company claimed that it is the most cheap and speedy Smartphone for the end users who wants them to be a Smartphone user. As the technology and the accessories were costlier in the earlier days, it was not possible for the manufacturers to provide best featured Smartphones to the customers. But now these are getting enhanced and advanced as the companies are in competition to offer the best featured and designed Smartphones to the market. The Smartphones with the latest features like picture messaging, emailing, high-end imaging coupled with so many attributes attracts the customers but along with this the price is also a factor that matters them. For some buyers the price is not at all a factor for getting a smartphone will a lot many advanced features. But companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony and the other market controllers …

Lenovo K900 smartphone with 2GHz processor

Lenovo has made its biggestcomeback in the Indian Android phones market with the launch of six new devices. One of them is the high-end flagship Lenovo K900, running on a Clover Trail+ 2Ghz Intel Processor. Company had no strongpresence in Indian smartphone market but nowLenovo K900 flagship device is catching a lot of attention among buyers because of its non ordinary design and stylish look. Lenovo K900 is prettyslim, really powerful and comes with a massive display, making it a perfect rival for other flagships in the market including Sony Xperia Z. Check out the whole post to find out more about this hotly talked Lenovo Android flagship.
Display – One of the biggest upside of the Lenovo K900 is the stylish metal finish body. It comes with an aluminum back panel with exposed screws, making it look really stylish compare to some other phones in the same price range. Other details on the phone including power and volume buttons are beautifully crafted with some kind of metallic elemen…

Block all incoming and outgoing wireless communication with OFF POCKET

The OFF Pocket is a phone case that blocks all wireless signals from entering and exiting the case, designed by by Adam Harvey & Johanna Bloomfield- the remarkable product lets your phone off by placing it in the case.  By placing the phone in the case, the phone remains untraceable, unreachable and off.
“The OFF Pocket™ uses the principle of a faraday cage to block all radio signals from entering and exiting the case. Your phone contains an antennae that communicates with cell towers and GPS systems. Both of these signals, radio waves in the 2.4GHz spectrum, are blocked by the metallized fabric in the case.”
The OFF Pocket has been extensively tested on all major networks, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. It is compatible with all mobile phone hardware including but not limited to iPhones, Android, Blackberrys, Nokia as well as all modern phone operating systems
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