online file sharing and storage sites


Dropbox allows users to store, sync and share files online. You can create a folder in your system and simply drop files and access it from anywhere. Provides 2.25GB of free space.


Sugarsync is an online file sharing, file sync,and online backup service.It stores your files-documents,music,photos and videos to a secured cloud.

It shres files with a link or as a shared folder with anyone and store it to the cloud. Enables file sharing and file transfer.


It uploads and stores files-movies,document,photos,music,etc to the cloud.You can access the files from anywhere, anytime and edit documents online. Free 50GB online storage space


ZumoDrive is an personal storage that gets all your content-photos, videos, documents and other files onto any of your device including your tablet and smartphone.

Amazon s3 Browser

Amazon s3 provides a free and simple web interface that can be used to store and retrieve any files. It helps to upload and download files to and from Amazon s3. You can also publish your content and share with other Amazon S3 users.


SpiderOak provides an easy and strong free online backup, sync, sharing, access and storage suitable for Windows, Mac OS.x, and Linux which can be accessed from anywhere . 2GB free space and $10 per 100GB.


Automatic online backup, data storage and file sharing. It also gives 2GB of storage for free(lite edition).

Online data backup and remote Backup solution.$5.99 a month


It offers highly encrypted online storage and secured file sharing to the cloud.You can access your files from anywhere

It offers online backup and a shares folders and files securely.5GB free unlimited storage capacity.


  1. Absalon Upload website has a good online storage upload system and it gives a 5GB free space. They allow you to search all your files and also allow you to make folders and link files to files.

  2. try and is the easiest way to embed any document or any webpage in your blog, profile, or website. It works with PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many other formats. It's totally free of charge.

  3. Hello,
    When selecting a free online storage and file sharing source look to make confident that their security procedures are reliable and documents including backups, and ensure to take an additional step to guarantee your data and confidential information with the greatest probable provider.

    Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith

  4. Thank you so much for posting these for global use!/You are making the world a better place
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