Samsung has announced and unveiled a flex phone prototype; however they have ran into some issues with the flex screen display. But there is another company taking advantage of Samsung’s delay. That company is LG; LG has announced they will be releasing a flex smart phone as early as the end of this year. However the screen will be flexible but the rest of the phone will be rigid, for right now completely flexible phones are still science fiction because of the hard case and all the wiring it would be difficult to make a phone completely flexible.
Even though LG promises a flexible smartphone by the end of the year it won’t fully effect the mobile phone market until about 2015.That is because the technology has not come to the point where the whole phone can be flexible. So a flex phone with no flexible parts won’t make much of a difference on the industry. What we can probably expect is a phone with a wraparound display, what this means is the display will be wrapped around the phone eliminating any bezel space. One of the major problems they are having with the flex phone technology is keeping the cost low, originally the flex phone project started in 2003 by Nicholas Sheridon and the Xerox PARC research but by 2005 Xerox had pulled the plug on the project. What they decided to do was opt the license instead, now manufactures have found a way to keep cost down, but they still have some work to do


  1. Nice post with great details. Samsung phones are really so flexible. Thanks for description. samsung

  2. no wonder samsung is one of the best selling and one of the most trusted smartphones and tablet provider as of today


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