Google Drive for Android gets new updates, adds new scan function

Google Drive for android gets major updates, now users can scan receipts, letters and documents using their smartphone on the go…easy and simple check it out!!

Now users can scan their documents with a click and simply turn any documents into a PDF and save it on your device for future use simply by going to the Add Menu and scan any photos, documents, flyers by snapping. With the new Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR), search for the documents you have saved since Drive will recognize text in scanned documents. Pretty cool isn’t it

The New update for Drive comes with improved interface- neat and clean, Drive files are now displayed like cards-style. The new interface is more precise and users can swipe between files to see large preview of the files making it easier to find the desired files.

Other update includes downloading any file from Drive to your Android device a backup of the files is always good and Drive has taken care of this.
The editing experience in Google sheets has also gotten some improvements; the new version of the spreadsheet allows users to adjust font type, size, color and cell alignment right from the app. The Dive app, updated version also support Cloud Print feature, users can now print their contents stored in the Drive with a Clod Read printer.


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