How to install whatsapp on a wifi tablet without a rooted android phone

Before you proceed your nexus or android tablet must be rooted for the proccess to succeed

The first thing you should do is install this version of Bluestacks:

And then root it using this Guide :

After you root Bluestacks Install the following apks on it 
Whatsapp :

Right click on the whatsapp file and select install with bluestacks installer,after it finishes installation,open it , enter your number and proceed , wait for the 5 mintues of checking to finish(you will have supposedly recieved the 6 digit code on your phone already) enter the code and intialize it .

after that install Titanium Backup with the same method you installed whatsapp ,(you should already be rooted), go to app selection , select whatsapp and back it up

then install dropbox , create an acount(if you dont already have one) upload the whatsapp files(they are in the titanium backup folder in the root of the sdcard).

After that install dropbox and titanium backup on your android tablet , sign in dropbox with your acount, export the whatsapp files in a titanium backup folder on the root of the sdcard . 

Then open Titanium Backup , select the app list , select whatsapp , then select restore app+data(then after that restore data only bec. sometimes it doesnt) 

You have successfully installed Whatsapp WITHOUT A ROOTED ANDROID PHONE


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