about Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a service for users to create ads for your business .Your advertisement will appear on the Google search page when users search a topic using your keywords.
How it works
AdWords appears or will be displayed along with the search result when someone searches Google using one of your keywords. Ads will appear under either the ‘sponsored links ’in the side column of the search page as well as in additional positions. In such a way Google AdWords provides you a great opportunity to advertise your business as well as driving traffic to your website or blog.
Google AdWords come with a variety of ad formats, i.e.-text ads, image ads, video ads.
Your Ad performance and ad-clicks can be monitored using the reports which are available in your AdWords account. With AdWords users enjoys no minimum monthly charges.


  1. Hello,
    Google AdWords management operates on the concept of Pay per Click (PPC) which is intended to give companies optimum visibility at rates that are commensurate to the rate of hits their sites register.

    Daniel Smith


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