Smartphone Display Review: Should HTC One be the best in the market?

Smartphones are coming in and out the market these days. Last year, there were two major smartphone released by Samsung and a big one from Apple. This year even HTC, Experia and Nokia are trying to catch up with the smartphone releases. But for now, we are going to focus on one of most sought after phones for the first quarter of 2013; presenting the HTC One.

In this post, we are going to review the display of HTC One. I have had a chance to play with the phone for quite some time now and I totally love it. Well, after doing some navigation with the awesome smartphone, I have hard time evaluating the specific positivity and negativity of the phone. I can honestly say that I have enough time to check all the pros and cons of the phone and I listed them to make sure I will share all of them with you. But for now, I will share the display of the HTC One.
Display Size
HTC One has a massive 4.7-inch-display and it is almost as big as the Samsung Galaxy S4. Well, 4.7 inches display is not bad by any means for a smartphone because it is only a .2 inch difference from the humongous Samsung Galaxy S4.  The question is, does it really make a difference between the 4.9 or 5-inch-display that the S4 has? I actually think that it does!

Display Problem
I pulled up two android games like the “Angry Birds Starwars” for the two devices and I can really tell that the S4 got a gigantean display. When I checked out the HTC One, I was like, “What? What is that?” Hey boys and girls, that is a menu bar!

HTC has “invented” a menu bar for every application to get away from speculations that they don’t have a menu button for their HTC One device. The problem about the menu bar on the screen is that, it is taking up all the spaces that could be useful for the application like Facebook and Twitter. If the application is being updated properly, the menu option should be added beside the action bar on top of the screen and not on the bottom or it will be eating all the sides of the phone when you had it on landscape mode. At least this way, it will not interfere the full capacity of your screen.

Unfortunately, not all application developers are going to make some updates just for the sake of HTC’s “specific situation”. My fear is that some applications will get stuck on the bottom menu bar option for their HTC One device.

But wait! There could be some specific solutions to help this problem for the HTC fans if in case there are going to be no updates for some applications. One of these is “hack”. This is the case where the HTC logo at the bottom of the phone will become the menu button for the phone. But the thing is that, not all people especially those who are not savvy about devices will know about the change that they can make for their HTC One. Second of which is the general update that HTC will release to make the two combinations beside the bottom logo of HTC works as the menu button.  As for today, the thing that we just need to do is double tap the home button that brings up the recent used app list and if you hold it down, it brings up the Google Now. If you hold the back button, it goes… well, backwards.

As I can remember way back in Spain, if you held back the back button, it brought up the menu options.  I hope they could have it back again to make us all just happy. I don’t really think I could give up the menu or home button that is accessible to my S3 phone which is still properly placed on the Samsung S4 as well as Apple phones.

Display Pixel Density
About the pixel density of the HTC One, I really appreciate the sharpness that it has compared to other android phones. If you try to compare the HTC One and the new S4, you will see the big difference between the sharpness of the two phones. To date, the HTC One has the highest PPI (Pixel Per Inch) on any phone in the market.

If we check out the totality of the HTC One, I am positive that many will really like the phone but if you are as meticulous as “moi” then you will really find some manufacturers’ errors. Well, as we all users know, we seem to really aim for perfection for the stuff that we have, especially devices, right? So, try to visit your local store and see for yourself the HTC One. As for me, I love the phone and I totally recommend it. Ciao!

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