iPhone 5S Rumors : Camera and New Shot Mode

Apple is just about always in the headlines. Whether the news be about their year long struggle with Samsung over patents or their latest technological endeavor, the company is a giant and every little things becomes newsworthy. Though most would agree with this, not all would be interesting in exactly all details or aspects of the iOS makers. But when it comes to phone rumors, it seems that there never seem to be enough of them, whether about iPhone spy or Apple TV.

Before the release of the iPhone 5, it was all the rage and topics of discussion hardly moved from the sphere of what the latest phone would or would not hold. The wait (and debate) over its reception and success fuelled almost a year worth of tech junkies and the time it seems is here once more. With the impending release of the latest version of Apple’s flagship iPhone, the iPhone 5S (or just the iPhone 6), the rumor mills are grinding away.

The latest one is all about the improvements to camera. The front camera will be 2 megapixels for starters. Now this is a change and something that hasn’t been paid attention to in a long time, with users having had to make due with a 1.3 megapixel front camera for as long as many can remember. All the devotion so far has seemed to be to upping back end cameras and making them HD in all aspects. But back to the front camera, according to iOSDoc, this is true and further, the next iPhone will not be boasting the iOS 6.

In other words, we can really start getting excited over the idea that we are soon to see the iOS 7. As if this wasn’t enough to get our tech juices flowing, the smartphone is to supposedly have the ability to record full HD videos- -yes 1080p videos. This means that the big competitors are taking the idea of HD quite seriously, and are running with it making it a norm for all high end sets.

 This brings us to the idea of the dual shot feature. Now if you have no idea what that is supposed to be, then just think of the dual camera mode that is currently found on both the LG Optimus G Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S4. This feature will essentially allow users to capture images as well as videos with both front and back cameras at the same time. Of course, this feature is in its beta testing mode and won’t be present in the final iOS 7 version unless the phase is successfully completed. But this feature will only be available to those users who actually purchase the new handset. The old users will have to stick to what they have or upgrade to avail the features- -which isn’t so surprising, Apple needs to sell new handsets after all. The critical panning of the iPhone 5 has left it in a not so great situation, despite its strong user base and fan following.

Author Bio: Jessica is a tech writer for MobiStealth and loves iOS news and updates. She regularly follows trending headlines and writes about them for avid fans. She can be contacted @jcarol429


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